World Cup v House on Market

A couple of sentences about the US v Czech game. The US looked absolutely pitiful. They came out flat and stayed flat the entire game. The Czechs out-played us in every category (especially the diving. Good lord, if Demarcus Beasley can knock you over with all 5 foot 6 inches and 145 pounds of himself, you should not be playing the game). Every single one. Absolutely abysmal showing by the US team. It seems that this US team has bought into the hype that they are the best team we have ever fielded. What the US did not realize is that just because it is the best we have ever fielded does not mean that we are going up against the same level of competition. Reality check everyone, the rest of the world is better as well. I wish I could say that they played a really good game and were just unfortunate, but I can’t even do that. That was just plain painful to watch. Absolutely abysmal.

Enough of that game. I deny that it ever happened.

So I wanted to settle into a nice World Cup viewing this weekend, but instead had to vacate the house during the game times because some people wanted to look at the house. In 4 years remind me not to have my house on the market when the cup is going on. It is really quite annoying trying to both at the same time. Stuff needs to be picked up and cleaned, but Sweden is playing rather flat against T and T. The underdogs are a man down and holding off a much more skilled team, but the laundry needs to be put away in a room without a TV. We have a showing in 10 minutes but England is getting ready for a dead-ball set piece about 35 yards from Paraguay’s goal. Little Man needs to get his shoes on but the Dutch have the ball and are pressing the Serb Montenegrins something fierce. The bathroom is not going to clean itself while Iran goes into a defensive posture versus Mexico. You can see my dilemma.

I am glad that the World Cup only lasts for a month. Wifey is glad that it only happens every four years. If we could just get the house in contract, I could watch so many more games.

Speaking of the house front, other than interrupting my Cup obsession, we had a total of 6 showings on Saturday, luckily all 6 showings occurred during 2 time slots, but those 2 time slots were from 10:00 to 11:00 am and from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Set up perfectly to interrupt 2 of the 3 games. Just plain lovely. At least people seem to be kind of interested in looking at our house. We also had an open house on Sunday coupled with a showing early that evening. All in all we had 10 “groups” go through our house this weekend. Offers so far? Nary a one. This selling the house thing is very inconvenient.

On to happier topics.

Okay, I got nothing. Stupid World Cup intruding on all my thoughts

To Recap:
Czech 3 – USA 0
It hurt to watch. It was like watching the US play in 1990
And that was a painful undertaking
I wasted a long lunch for that?!?!
Trinidad and Tobago tied Sweden 0 – 0 after being a man down for about 42 minutes
TNT = dynamite
We have averaged about 1 group per day since we have had the house on the market
Keeping a house in “showable” condition with an almost 3 year old is taxing
I think there is some allergen out there that is just kicking my ass at the moment
Getting out of bed has been difficult for the past couple of days