In high school we had to do term papers for my sophomore, junior, and senior English classes. Typically we had to do 1 a year. I remember clearly the day before my 10th grade paper was due when I got home from school, my mom just could not understand why I went to bed immediately upon entering the house. My reasoning was simple, I was going to procrastinate anyway, I might as well make it constructive procrastination. To me, sleep will always be “constructive procrastination.” I got up that evening around 8 pm and wrote the paper until 6 am. It was a rather interesting take on a comparison and contrast of Caius Cassius from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Jack Merridew in Golding’s Lord of the Flies. The characters are surprisingly similar, and it still makes me wonder if Golding modeled Jack after Cassius. My personal bet is “Yes.”

As an aside, I got an 84 out of 200 on that paper, but only because of 3 misspelled words and 2 comma faults in a 10 page paper prior to the days of robust automated spell and grammar checks. She actually wrote on the title sheet of the paper (I still remember it to this day), “Very interesting topic, well researched and well presented. 84/200.” In fact, of the 90 students that this particular teacher taught (3 classes) only 5 people got passing grades on their papers (they were all D’s by the way). Some of those who failed were the children of other English teachers in the same school system. Sure some of those kids with English teacher parents were not the brightest people ever, but I am sure they had their work proof-read. My particular English teacher was not that well liked.

Anyway… my point is that I am a procrastinator. I am also lazy which leads to my penchant for “constructive procrastination” or naps. Here this issue, I have some things to get done, both at work and at the house, but there is no way for me to “constructively procrastinate.” When I have tings that need to be done, I do not sleep that well at night, but I can turn off the thoughts in the afternoon and nap like a champ. Here is my issue, Little Man will not allow me to nap at home while he is conscious, and work decidedly frowns upon my stretching out under my desk and serenading everyone with my sonorous slumbersong.

I guess the real meat of the matter is that I am tired. I have been sleeping for crap, and I am getting tired of having the house on the market.

To Recap:
Me sleepy
Mrs. Cannada was not a good teacher
Mrs. Roby was
These renderings aren’t going to render themselves
I do work well in pressure situations though
It seems to be when I work my best

Best picture of the bunch from Chicago

1 hour later he was screaming and crying so we would leave the Tutankhamen exhibit