I had something better

Usually during the weekend, whilst the my humdrum life boils along, 2 or 3 things happen that make me think, “Wow, now I have a topic to blog about.” Then Monday rolls around and I completely forget what the heck I had thought was so “blogworthy.” That is definitely the case for this fine Monday.

I think there were at least 3 topics this weekend that lodged in the labyrinthine passages of my noggin, only to be forgotten. I am sure, had I had a paper and pen, and I had remembered to write down the idea during their conception, you, dear reader, would be reading something inherently more amusing than this post about forgetting post topics. As it is, I must make do with the limited mental faculties I possess and post about something.

Here it goes.

The main issue with having one’s house on the market is that one’s weekends are not relaxing. Especially if one has an open house sometime during that weekend. On Saturday we had a showing during the prime I-want-to-be-at-home-on-my-couch time of the day. Then on Sunday I had to watch the World Cup Final on a not-as-nice-as-mine TV. Not that I really missed any spectacular soccer there. Crappy World Cup ending in PK’s. That just sucks. Anyway… my point is that when one’s house is on the market, one typically has to not be at home on the weekends because that is when all the working folk who are looking for houses are out looking.

Okay, I need to start writing stuff down. That was pitiful. Just plain pitiful. We are going straight to the recap.

To Recap:
I really am curious as to what was said to Zidane
Are rib-cages supposed to take that kind of a beating?
Work was a really tiring folly today
I had to get in stupid early to finish something for this afternoon
Now, I am rather tired and more than a little cranky
Zidane, a headbutt, really?!!?
It is not relaxing at all to maintain a high level of cleanliness with a near 3-yr old in the house
That doesn’t even take into effect how abjectly lazy I am
Last night, for dinner I mad Little Man a hamburger, reheated some turkey chili, some chicken tenders, and some pasta with sauce
He asked for each meal in succession
He only ate the pasta and sauce
It is the equivalent of him saying “Dance, Monkey, Dance!”
No one really expects the headbutt as a lead off
We went hiking on both Saturday and Sunday
Saturday was just Wifey and I
Sunday was all three of us
Saturday was 5.2 miles (8.37 km for my metric loving readers)
Sunday was 2.7 miles (4.35 km for my metric loving readers, again)
I am not sure what we are having for dinner tonight
But I do know it takes tomatoes
I promise, tomorrow will be a better post
I promise