Number 5 is Alive

I usually do not participate in the whole meme thing. Occasionally I will go in search of a good questionnaire to answer, but I do not really respond to memes. Typically memes are long, laborious, and take too much effort to copy, paste, and clean. This meme is a fairly easy one as far as the format is concerned and allows for more of a free-flowing writing experience than most of the other ones I have seen.

I will do this meme, Dustin, but not because you tagged me for it, but because I feel like it.

Top Five Nouns I want to Fight!

Well, the first 2 easy answers would be Hippos and Yetis. So lets consider them to be given, much like the “R,” “S,” “T,” “L,” “N” and “E” are given to Wheel of Fortune contestants now in the bonus round. So without further ado

Top Five Nouns I want to Fight, Excepting Hippos and Yetis

1. Packet: Not necessarily the actual physical object, but the spoken word “packet.” I HATE that word. It is just a bad combination of letters. Use the words file, package, or something even more specific like folder or envelope. The word “packet” is an abomination and should never be used in polite company.

2. Bug-Bite: I want to collectively beat the ever living snot out of bug-bites. Sweet Jesus and Mary Jane I hate bug-bites. Right now Little Man has 4 gigantic bug-bites on his right hip and leg, and I hate them for that. If I saw a bug-bite in a dark alley, I would give it what it had coming to it. I haven’t been watching Kung-Fu movies since I was a kid to sit idly by while a bug-bite sits undisturbed in a dark alley. Oh, No. If there were a bug-bite in a dark alley, even if it were minding its own business, I would jump that bustard and give it a beat down… Old School!

That, and I have a bug-bite on my ass right now, and it is not that comfortable. You might have won this round, Bug-Bite, but I will have my revenge…

3. Paradise:
We all know that you don’t exist, so why don’t you let me remove you from our list of nouns. Paradise is simply a made up construct of a fictitious place that cannot exist. There is no such thing as a true paradise, so I think we should give the noun “paradise” the beating of its life to commemorate all of our dead dreams about “paradise.” Jerk, out there giving false hopes to everyone. Nobody wants you around here anymore. You don’t and can’t exist, so… “You better move your feet, If you don’t want to eat a meal they call Fist City.” 10 points to anyone who knows this reference without googling it, Wifey is excluded from this contest.

4. People: People suck. I mean it, they really really suck. The very concept of people annoys me. If I ever catch some people in a dark alley, oh, they sooo gonna get it. And not a good “it” either. I mean a bad “it.” The baddest of the bad “it”’s. Sweet mother of God and all that is Holy, if those people happen to have bug-bites, then it ain’t gonna be pretty.

5. The People who Green-Light crappy movies: Not only are they people (see above) they are also people doing their best to actively annoy the piss out of me. Fast and the Furious 2, 2 Fast, 2 Furious? What in Beelzebub’s beard made you think it was a good idea to give this movie a go? Arena? Arena? Why did you make someone waste film on this? Friday the 13th’s 2 through whatever number we are at now. Sweet Baby Jesus, what in God’s name made you think these were good ideas? Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, you bastards made kittens cry because of this movie. Cruel Intentions!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!?!?!?!!?!?!? I will so beat the ever living snot of you for those. You guys owe me, and you owe me in blood now. Money will not hack it anymore, I require a limb with which to beat you…

To Recap:
Memes, go figure
I am not tagging anyone, but if my 5 loyal readers would like to take this on, let me know in comments
Please feel free to comment on your least favorite movies
We have another open house this Sunday
Right in the middle of the World Cup Final
I am hungry
Stupid frozen lunches
Hippos and Yetis are really on the top of my list though…