20 Questions Tuesday: 11 - 80's part 2.

20 Questions Tuesday: 11 is the continuation of last week’s 80’s TV questions. Special thanks this week to Peefer, JW, Bomber, and Ksig for their insightful questions. Been in meetings all day, so sorry about the tardiness and lack of linkies. These things don’t write themselves, people!

1. The Facts Of Life: Whom would you most like to impregnate? You must provide an answer in the form of a character's name. No weasling your way out of this.
It would be either Tootie or Jo. A Tootie/Jo sammich might actually be called for.

2. The Dukes Of Hazard: Would you ever in a million years call you child Enos?
I have a child and Enos did not even make it near the list of choices. I did know a kid named Hezikia while growing up. He went by Hezzy, and was quite an annoying glue eater.

3. B.J. And The Bear: Did you watch it for the women or the monkey?
Yes, I watched it for the women and the monkey.

4. CHiP’s.: I can't remember a thing. Please ask and answer your own question.
Ponch and John: Was there something more there than friendship?
Well, I think they were “partners” if you catch my meaning… wink wink nudge nudge…

5. Knight Rider: To what is this an allegory?
Ah, the Allegory of the Talking Car. This story is the prototypical story of the good champion versus evil. The champion is the everyman who has to rely on the tools of his trade to overcome evil. He has no real skills himself except for his over average height and more than average curl curly hair, so the real heros of this show are the technology associated with and within the Knight Industries Two Thousand. Because of the tools surrounding the hero, everyone could become that hero. It also helped that they always had a hot chick as a mechanic.

6. Who do you think got more umm... action? Mr. Belvedere, or Mr. Drummond?
Mr. Drummond. He has money. Mr Belvedere was a butler living with a middle class family. Butlers get play, but butlers for people without money? Please…

7. Given there is a live action version on the way, who is your favorite Transformer? (Autobot or Decepticon)
Soundwave. He was the coolest. Although I think he was more than just Megatron’s lieutenant, if you know what I’m sayin’?

8. Does anybody besides me remember Danger Mouse?

9. What in your opinion what is the WORST 80's animated show?
Silverhawks was a pretty pathetic excuse for a cartoon. The 80’s really started the trend of trying to mass market a toy prior to it being popular. This concept is the result of toy manufacturers having crappy ideas and then deciding that if they shove it down kids’ throats with a crappy cartoon, a breakfast cereal, and underoos it will become popular. What manufacturers did not seem to realize is that no matter how you market a crap idea, it is still crap.

10. If you had to push one off a cliff-who would ya push? Webster/Punky Brewster?
Webster. He was an annoying “wanna be” Arnold and should have never made it to TV.

11. If you could sit and get hammered with one character from "Cheers", who would it be?
Norm, I could put my drinks on his tab and no one would be the wiser.

12. Where were you when you first watched the premiere of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video? It was an event.
I was at home. It was very satisfactory to my young self. MJ in his early solo career was very good at not looking like an insane idiot.

13. Why, oh why, do "some people" insist that "The Facts of Life" was and still is great television?
You know, I honestly am not sure. I thought The Facts of Life was a fine show, but I do not swear by it.

14. What did you love most about the show "WKRP in Cincinnati" and would that show ever work today - or are we too P.C. now?
I think since the Simpsons and Futurama and The Family Guy and Malcom in the Middle have been on TV, WKRP in Cincinnati would be airable, but I am not sure it would even seem edgy anymore.

15. In 1982, if Webster and Arnold Drummond got into a fight to the death, who would win and why?
Arnold. He needed a kidney more. In fights to the death, you really gotta want it. Take it from me… ummm forget that last part. I SAID FORGET IT!

16. Everyone loved the original Voltron and the 5 lions, wtf was up with the inter-galactic Voltron made up of spaceships? Do you know of anyone that even liked that version? Why would they mess with the lions?
Multipart questions will not earn you extra points. 1. Jumped the shark. 2. Toy manufacturers. 3. Needed a new line of toys since everyone had purchased the lions.

17. What do you think happened to the kid from the PSA who spouted “ I learned it from watching you, alright!” Personally I have to believe that he got into harsher drugs, contracted hiv from a needle, got busted robbing a convenience store for $50 to buy some more crank and is now serving 20-30 in the California penal system.
Nope, he went straight into the porn industry, got clean and sober and is now speaking at elementary schools about the dangers of PSA’s.

18. If you dropped He-Man, Lion-o, and Space Ghost in the middle of present day Compton, with no vehicles or allies, what would the outcome be? Most likely to survive? Most likely to be pimped? Etc…
Hmmmm, well, Lion-o is at least a minority, so he might survive, but his choice in wardrobe (skin tight half uni-tard like Billy Blanks wears while hawking his Tae-Bo workouts) might get him pimped out for “furry services.” Space Ghost can turn invisible, but his in-ability to keep his yap shut would get is ass shot. He-Man would have the most issues, because the “Power of Greyskull” did not deem it necessary to clothe his white ass in anything more than a furry loin cloth or give him a “gat” to “represent the Eternians,” as it were.

19. Wrestling peaked in the 80’s with the beginning of Wrestlemania and it’s monthly Saturday nights main event on NBC. Who was your favorite wrestler, your favorite move, and your fondest match/event you remember from 80’s wrestling?
I was not into wrestling. Sorry.

20. You “weren’t into wrestling?!?!?!?” Didn’t you grow up in Alabama?!?!?!!? Everyone in ‘Bama was into wrestling!
Ummmm… George the “Animal” Steel, and I loved it when he ate the turnbuckle.

To recap:
Meetings make me cringe
I have had too many today
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But they were long ones
Really long ones
My apologies to ksig for making him wait for his free entertainment
Pre-school Day 5 today
Sounds like it went well
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