The weekend that was

This morning whilst dropping Little Man off at G-ma’s and G-pa’s (his surrogate grandparents who watch him) G-ma met us at the door and asked Little Man how his weekend was. Let me fill you in on his weekend.

Little man’s weekend typically starts on Fridays. Thursday is the last day of the week that he is in childcare with the surrogate grandparents, and Friday starts the weekend for him since he is typically at home with his mama (wifey).

Well, on Friday it was rainy and he did not get to do much. Wifey and Little Man met myself and a co-worker for lunch at Wendy’s so’s he could get his chili on (hey, I am street like that!), and then went home for his afternoon nap. That afternoon he went to have a playdate with M and R’s kids A, F and E. There he decided to be a little crank and push around the 2 year olds F and E. Sorry E! After pushing around some kids who are only 2/3rds his age, we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. His favorite. He had his favorite fusilli with marinara sauce. He loved it. Ate the heck out of it, he did. (Ate t’ell outta it, ee did. – in Cockney. My Fair Lady my ass! ‘Enry ‘Iggins, Eat yer ‘eart out.) Anyway… We headed home, he watched some “Diesel” (a DVD of trains with very little narration and a hell of a lot of train noises) and then climbed the stairs for bed-time.

Saturday: Wifey took it upon herself to do the morning ritual with Little Man Saturday morning. I go to sleep in to 8:45. 8:45! Oh, it was heaven! Anyway… that was about me, this post is about Little Man’s weekend. Anyway, Wifey heads off to yoga and it is morning with papa. We played with pennies, flopped around on the bed, and various other filler activities before I got him dressed and out the door for some fun at the local Target (we needed more laundry detergent {ALL Free and Clear, baby!}). Whilst there he was transfixed with the Target line of Thomas the Tank Engine (Take Alongs) which are slightly smaller than the wooden trains, but not so small that a 3-yr old can tell the difference in size. He is enamored with Alfie the back-hoe. Just transfixed. So transfixed that he will not leave the aisle to pee. So after a brief trip to the Target family bathroom and a change to dry clothes we are back to staring at Alfie. By purchasing Alfie we were allowed to leave the store for a wonderful lunch at Yellow King (McD’s). Home for a nap and up again to play with mama who is back from Yoga and gift searching. Mama has a housewarming party to go to at 4:30 is and heads out leaving Little Man to deal with me again. He has seven “rectangles” for dinner. (A little bit of Irony here, so bear with me. Rectangles are called “rectangles” because they are Tyson Chicken Tenders that are found in a box instead of the large family sized bag {referred to as “Chickies”}. These particular Tyson Chicken tenders are formed in the shape of the characters of “Veggie Tales.” So, Little Man is eating chicken in the shape of tomatoes, egg plant and other vegatables. Just. Plain. Odd. Oh, the irony! Where was I? Oh, yes…) He watches another rousing round of “Diesel” and then up to bed for his bed-time ritual.

Sunday: Wifey sleeps in, unlike me, she had to ask if she could. I need to work on my considerateness, she should not have had top ask. Again, though, this post is about his weekend, not me. Little Man and I head downstairs for the morning ritual. Making his breakfast of toast with Vanilla Sugar on it. Wifey ambles downstairs at 8:30 (she don’t know how to sleep in) and then since the weather is looking great we decide to go for a Big Walk (a hike at a local metro park) with some friends who have an almost 2 year old, Ben. He was supposed to go to a classmate’s (OH SWEET JEEEZUS! HE HAS CLASSMATES NOW!!!) birthday party, but Big Walk was a bit much for his respiratory system to take and he needed a rescue breathing treatment. We had to cancel (Sorry Nadolny’s!). So then we are set for his nap. We all decide to nap this time around and the nap lasts extra long. All of us woke up later than we thought we would. Oh, well. C’est La vie.

We get up with just enough time for Wifey to get ready for her monthly Girls Night Out dinner (she was quite the social butterfly this weekend) and leave. Little Man’s Mimma comes over from a week away in Maine, and Little Man proceeds to climb and jump all over her to make up for last time. While all the climbing and jumping is taking place I am concocting one of his favorite meals, Orange Rice. Ground beef, tomato soup, and wild rice casserole ( I will give the recipe if anyone wants it). He proceeds to eat 3 full plates of the meal. Mim and I each only have 2. I honestly have no idea where he packs this food away. The whole meal (well after the second plate when he took time to breath and speak again) Little Man was saying, “Little Man Hungry. Hai Good Orange Rice!” Not really sure what “Hai” is but he seems to use it as an article much like a, an, and the mixed with the phrases this is or that is. Don’t know where he picked it up, but I digress. He eats 3 plates of Hai Good Orange Rice. Then upstairs for the bed time ritual. Since he (we) slept so late for nap time, we look up the Amtrak Zephyr on Google Images and he is in train nirvana prior to his bath.

That is his week in a nutshell, so how did he respond when G-ma asked how his weekend was?

Hai, Good Nap… Mama and Papa

To Recap:
You know it was a good nap when it is the highlight of your kid’s weekend
Wow, I really went parenthetical today
And tangential
Yes, tangential is a word
Tangentine is not
Nor is tangentesque or tangenty
I am looking forward to Heroes tonight
It will probably suck
Happy Birthday Youngest Nadolny!
Wifey won’t leave me alone via email today
Stop e-mailing, lady. I have a job