20 Questions Tuesday 15: The Halloween Blogaversary

Okay for the 2 nd Blogaversary edition of 20 Questions Tuesday I cast the question net as wide as I could. So this week I need to thank the following people: I.C. Yellow, Bomber, Capt. Mc Armypants, ACW, Peefer, B-Dawg, the Em, Lsig, Nadolny, Der Keiselbach, Dr. Civil, and Belsum.

Here’s to many more years and 20 Questions Tuesdays

1 Has anyone ever startled you with their knowledge of your blog? Someone with whom you had not shared the "link"?
There was one person at work that I had not given the address to that found out about the blog. He is not necessarily a bad person, just someone that I don’t really know well enough to let him into the inner circle of those who are “in on” the whole blog thing.

2 Have you ever gotten into any kind of trouble over something you've written?
I do my best not to write anything controversial, but there was a post that really bothered one of my wife’s friends. It caused some tension for a little bit, but is resolved now.

3 Do your parents or other family members read your blog?
No one from my family of childhood reads the blog. I have said waay too many disparaging things about them, for me to tell them about it.

4 If your blog were to be published, what would the title be? No using "under construction"!!!
Ummm…. I would go with my much unread tagline, “Musings of a Life Less Extraordinary.”

5 So men can dress up. Women can dress up. Women however are voluntarily split into two separate camps. Sexy and and just plain dressup. So I understand the sexy cop, sexy vampire, sexy nurse and most of the other "sexy" whatever costumes. Its Holloween whatever. My question is Sexy Mummy? Maybe this is just a Fruedian thing, but this just does nothing for me. Why would you go try to go for decaying undead sexy when you could go with eternally young undead, aka vampire. I mean who thinks they have the chops to go for Sexy AND decaying undead. Its one or the other RIGHT?!?
I believe you are correct, there is no such thing as a sexy mummy. No such thing.

6 Have you matured as a blogger these past 2 years?
I would like to think so, but I believe you, the readers, are better able to gauge that

7 What can we expect from the next year?
Expect nothing, and I will not let you down.

8 You spend many hours in life rendering beautiful pictures (or at least your computer does). So why is your blog layout so plain?
I have never made the time to really get into the nuts and bolts of how the frames and set up of the template works. I might see about doing something up for the whole template thing this year. It has become a little on the stale side.

9 Do you ever blog drunk? Which is to really ask: do you ever drink at work? Why the hell not?
I wish! Drinking would make the work day go sooooo much faster with all the passed outness. I am afraid of what would be scrawled on my face with indelible marker though…

10 Do you ever feel the burden of writing a regular blog, knowing that an expecting public will be checking for it later that day?
It actually is an issue that I have to deal with. There is an expectant public, and they expect me to be funny and post early. They are typically horribly incorrect.

11 Has the blog made you more of a sexy beast?
You have to ask? You bet your Sweet Bippy I am more of a sexy beast now! Blogging just exudes sexiness!

12 Can we expect any great changes in the blog given the turn of a new blogging year?
I think a new template is in order.

13 Do you admit to people in your real life that you blog? (Wifey doesn't count)
If blogging comes up in regular conversation, sure. But I don’t go out of my way to tell people about my blog.

14 Has this 20-questions thing really made it that much easier?
In some ways “yes,” and in some ways “no.” Sometimes the hardest thing about this blog is coming up with a topic. The 20 Questions Tuesdays allow me to just bounce off of others’ questions instead of making up a topic in a vacuum.

15 How many people regularly read your blog (same peeps)? what is the average number of readers per day (regulars and others)? Which Countries are now represented in your readership? Any from Transylvania? Where are the mythical beasts from your blog located (Country)?
There are about 40 people who visit Mondays through Thursdays when I actually post, on Friday trhough Sunday I am lucky to get 20 hits per day. Of all of those, I would say that I have about 25 people who consistently visit and I would consider “regulars.”
US, Canada, England, and Uruguay are what I would consider my consistent reading nations. I have been looked at by tons of different countries though, but nothing repetitive like with those 4.
I have only had 1 view ever from someone in Romania.
The Yeti is from Nepal.

16 If everyone wore costumes to your blogaversary, what would some of the regulars dress as in your little mind?
I will go through the list of folks who sent me questions for today:
IC Yellow = A man, baby!
Bomber = Cosette from the Broadway musical Les Miserables
Capt. McArmypants = A spider monkey. Not a chimp, a little annoying spider monkey
ACW = Part-time hobby store employee
*Peefer = an otter (don't know why, but that is how he would come dressed)
*B-Dawg = Buckaroo Banzai
The Em = Probably a cheerleader
Lsig = Enterprise A crew member
Nadolny = Teddy Roosevelt (except with a cigar)
Der Kieselbach = Ram Man
Dr Civil = a caber tosser (compensation perhaps?)
Belsum = Enterprise D crew member
Wifey = Sex Kitten (but that isn’t a costume)

Oh, and I take offense to your phrase "your little mind." Tons of offense.

17 What do you feel your crowning achievement in blogging is?
My blog got quoted in a paper.

18 What will you do now that you are no longer the number one search result for hippo enemy?
Besides sulk? Well, even if I am no longer the no. 1, I will still try to carry out my duties as hippo enemy to the fullest of my abilities. Does a Miss America who loses her crown ever really stop being Miss America to herself? I don't think so. It takes determination and grit to reclaim one's dignity when it has been stripped away.

19 Which blog is cooler, yours or your wife's?
My blog uses more blues and cool greens than Wifey’s. Her palette is more of a warm tonal palette. So I would say that my blog definitely uses “cooler” colors.

20 What is your blog dressing as for Halloween?
A Tartan

To Recap:
I will be getting rid of the tartan background of the blog with tomorrow’s post
Happy Halloween all
Thanks for all the questions
Sorry I did not use them all, but I figured 2 weeks of Blogaversary questions would get really tiresome
Little Man has some kind of Thomas costume
I doubt that he will wear it
I am be-kilted today as well
No one will walk behind me on the stairs
Wool can be itchy
Glad I am not wearing wool underwear
I have work to do, and have wasted enough time on this
Don’t worry, I will definitely change the template tomorrow

*don't know how or why these 2 names were omitted in the original publish. Sorry guys!