2nd Annual Blogaversary

Oh, it is here! My second Blogaversary. That is right, I have been doing this crap for 2 whole years now. Let’s discuss what things have happened in the past 2 years that are a direct result of my blog.

Anyone? Nothing? Really? This thing didn’t contribute to anything? Really, nothing? Wow. I really felt like I had more influence in the world than this. So you are telling me that no marriages were saved due to my blog. No bad marriages were ended due to this blog. www.sryanhart.blogspot.com did not contribute in any significant way to people lowering their cholesterol or increasing their levels of cardio vascular fitness (if I reference myself, does that help my Technorati ranking? And do I really care?)? You are telling me that Under Construction was not the impetus for any of the major Hollywood blockbusters this year (were there any truly “Major” ones this year?)?

So, this little corner of the Internet has not helped in any way shape or form. Big deal. It was never intended to move mountains or shatter earths. If that was the intention, that would have happened. That is the kind of follow through that I bring to the table. No really. Stop laughing. Especially you, Wifey! Nope, the intention of this here writing exercise is just that: “To exercise my writing skills.” Let’s look at the first post and see how it would be different if I were writing it today with my recently exercised writing prowess. Here is the original post:

I just want to get this thing started, more to come later. For now I have to get
out of the office and get home.

Notice how verbose I was? Wow, I have really learned how to cut through all that descriptive text from 2 years ago and just boil things down to their primal essence. I mean 2 whole sentences about starting up this blog. I could have done it easily in one. If I were to re-write that post today it would look like this:

It begins. I suggest hiding.

To recap:
It begins
I suggest hiding
No really

See how much better that is? I mean, really who cares that I wanted to leave the office and go home? No one, that’s who. The refined post is more ominous and makes someone want to read more. It is short it is pithy, it makes one wonder, “I wonder what will happen next?” Oh, if I could turn back time…

To recap:
2 years is a long time to blather on about nothing
Tomorrow’s 20 questions will be about my blog (for the blogaversary) and Halloweeen (cause it will be Halloween)
Little Man had his first swim lesson today
It went really well, I hear
This cold is still lingering with me
It has put a real damper on my ability to exercise
Breathing helps exercise
Lack of breathing does not
Thinking about kilting it up for the holiday tomorrow
But I am lacking proper lower leg wear for anything but Scottish Diplomat
What kind of crappy costume is “Scottish Diplomat?”
How many of you have that God Awful Cher song stuck in your head now?