20 Questions Tuesday: Part 13 Breakfast Cereal 2

This week’s 20 questions is a continuation of last weeks due to overwhelming response. This weeks questioneers are I.C. Yellow, Kim, B-Dawg, and Wifey.

1. Who's the better vampire? Count Chocula or Sesame Street's The Count? Neither seems to drink blood. As far as vampires go, I would have to side with Chocula. His obsessive compulsions tend to revolve around consuming his chocolaty cereal, while The Count just counts stuff.

2. Do you think Mikey has felt any Life-long (haha) repercussions from being the one that "Likes it"? And are we sure the cereal is ALL he likes? So many questions about Mikey. I am sure that Mikey likes many more things.

3. Why did they ruin Captain Crunch's image by forcing him to advertise that peanut butter shit...I mean version?
First of all it is “Cap’n” not “Captain” and second of all Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch may just be the best cereal ever made. No one forced the Cap’n to do anything he didn’t want. You can’t force Icons to do anything. You don’t see Lucky or the Trix Rabbit peddling anything they don’t want to do you? Nope. Tony the Tiger ain’t selling batteries. Why? Because when you are that recognizable, you can choose what you want to sell. The Cap’n clearly wants to sell Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch because it is an exemplary cereal for people with refined tastes.

4. Do you think Lucky from Lucky Charms ever gets lucky? And is he more lucky than the Trix rabbit? And I don't mean with the cereal. Their bad luck there is obvious.
I think Lucky is not nearly as lucky as the Trix rabbit. Come on the rabbit is, after all a rabbit. All rabbits get play.

5. What's the best prize you ever got out of a cereal box?
My pudgy gut. Ah, the prize I keep winning…

6. What your opinion on generic brand cereals? (rice puff, and what not)
I like the bagged off-brand cereals. They are often made by the same manufacturers as the big named cereals, but sold at a much lower cost due to lack of box and box art. Now if you are talking about Puffed Rice and generic Oatmeal and such, nope I need more flavor (ahem sugar) and texture to my cereals.

7. Why were so many of the cereal mascots seemingly addicted to their products, most notably the Trix Rabbit, The Cocoa Puffs Cuckoo, Lucky.
I don’t think they are seemingly addicted. They are clearly addicted to their respective products. If illicit drugs had mascots they would resemble the loveable cartoon cereal icons. At least if they were marketed well they would.

8. Why don't you get free toys in cereal now?
It is the computer age, all the crappy toys have been replaced with crappy CD-ROM’s.

9. Did you ever beg for cereal as a kid merely for the toy inside and be stuck with the cereal for two weeks all for a crappy toy.
Unfortunately, yes. I believe it was some toy that was stuffed in a box of Super Golden Crisp.

10. When was the last time you sent away for a cereal offer?
Wow, I was still in high school, so probably 1990

11. How many different types of cereals do you keep at one time for different morning tastes?
Currently there are 6 cereal types in our cupboard, and I will occasionally eat all but 2 of those

12. Are Life Cereal and Life the game related? What else would account for the strange phenomena of both of them coming to prevalence in the late 70’s-early 80’s?
Well, you could be a winner at the game of Life, but you will always lose versus Life cereal. So, No I do not think that the 2 Life’s are related. Nor are either related to the magazine.

13. Wikipedia says that it is the palm oil that makes Cacklin’ Oat Bran have its distinctive tastiness. I believe it is a combination of crack and the work of the devil. What say you?
Most definitely crack and the work of the devil. Palm oil ain’t that good.

14. Do you like hat cereals like oatmeal or Cream of Wheat?
Ummm…. No. I can force oatmeal into my gullet occasionally, but the snot that is known as Cream of Wheat does not come anywhere near my spoon.

15. How many does servings of Little Man’s “Orange Rice” does it take to equal the vitamin and mineral content of one bowl of Total breakfast cereal?
At least 3 plate-fulls, but that is okay, because he always eats at least 3 plate-fulls.

16. If you could be any of the cereal icons, which one would it be and why?
I would have to go with either Cap’n Crunch or Tony the Tiger. Both of these characters seem to not be addicted to their product of choice. Cap’n seems to see more places and visit more exotic locals, but Tony gets to do all the X-treme sports and let’s face it, he is a tiger.

17. What breakfast cereal did you have this morning?
Actually I had yogurt this morning for breakfast. 1 Vanilla custard style Yoplait Yogurt and 1 lemon custard style Yoplait Yogurt. On Sunday I had that same breakfast except with Cracklin’ Oat bran mixed in.

18. Is there a difference between Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Post Toasties?
You know, I have never been able to tell the difference, but Wifey swears that there is, and moreso, they sate different corn cereal desires of hers. (Yes, occasionally she has different corn cereal desires. I don’t get it either.)

19. What the Hell is up with that thing that goes ape-shit crazy about Honeycomb Cereal?
I have no idea. I am with you there. WTF is that thing? I mean really? It is not a primate, yet it doesn’t have a tale. Big eyes remind me of a lemur-like animal, but its limbs are not furry at all. I image it is “not of this earth.”

20. Why breakfast cereal as a topic?
Honestly, I could not come up with anything else. I was truly surprised about how fast people emailed me their questions. Pretty crazy really, so breakfast cereal clearly can touch a chord with people. Well, at least with people on my email list for questions on 20 Questions Tuesdays.

To recap:
I am currently at home with Little Man
Child care people Grandma D and Grandpa R have some family stuff they need to get squared away
Little Man will be at home with the boy tomorrow
I am really hungry
But I have already eaten lunch
That does not bode well for the afternoon
Little Man is napping right now, so my time is short
If there are not all the links you were expecting, it was because Little Man awoke
The Sleeper awakens....