Hippo, fear the reaper

Look at them… so smug. So full of themselves.

I have not forgotten them. They are still going to die by my hand, or the hand of my proginy. It may take a lot of time and look like it was “natural causes,” but rest assured, it was us, and we are THAT good.

Hey! Hippo!
Yeah You! Don’t think that I have forgotten my pledge to be the scourge of all hippo kind. Because I have not forgotten. I haven’t forgotten at all. No, I have not forgotten my pledge to be your mortal enemy. I made it a long 15+ months ago, and I still aim to keep it. Worse yet, Little Man has undertaken the anti-hippo banner as well.

Oh, water horse! You should live in fear. FEAR I SAY, FEAR! I can see you are afraid…

Very afraid. Look at the tense stance. That hippo is coiled like a spring, ready to bolt at any second! The “flight” response is almost palpable.

But you should be more afraid of he who follows me more than me. You see, I have started training him. I have started familiarizing him with your image.

Okay, Okay, I understand that kind of doesn’t look like your image, but Ninja Hippo-Killin’ Little Man doesn’t sit still for pictures so he can instill fear in his intended prey. He is quick like lightning and quiet like the night, and he can now target you with his steely laser-like focus. Hippo’s you should be afraid.

Good… Nice and afraid.

To Recap:
I haven’t forgotten about you either
You day will come as well
Mammwich for dinner tonight
I need to update my firewall program
I need to update my spyware program
I need to update my anti-virus program
Strange things are afoot on the home PC
Have a great weekend
For the record: The Columbus Zoo doesn't have a hippo..... any more