You be Illin'

It is really difficult to understand all that a partner does to get the house run smoothly until that partner is incapacitated. Wifey is ill, and wow, those shockwaves are quite profound. She and Little Man have quite a routine developed for the morning rituals. A morning routine that I, much loved and capable Papa, do not have. My skilz seem to reside fervently within the “bed-time ritual” realm. I can bathe that boy like a mo’fo! I am all about the bath-tub crayons. Who can read the bed-time stories? Papa that’s who! Oh I am quite adroit at the bed-time ritual. It is a specialty. I have specialized. In my specialization I have lost some of my general skills. Those general skills being the “morning ritual.”

So “What is the morning ritual?” you might ask? Well, honestly, I am not completely sure since consistently I bungle it so badly. I know it has something to do with food prep, food consumption, TV viewing, and dressing for the day. Don’t get me wrong. When I do the morning duties, Little Man gets fed, watches some TV, and gets different clothes on, but not “according top the ritual.” The whole time I am ion charge of mornings, you can see Little Man just slightly shaking his head in exasperation. He will give a heave a big sigh, and tolerate my amateurish flounderings. Little Man is all about the ritual. All about it. No, really. In fact my ineptness in the mornings is so bad that when both Wifey and I are home, awake, and downstairs during the morning time, she actually asks me to leave since I get in her way so much.

Anyway… Wifey is under the weather today. She has a scratchy throat, is chilled, and aches. A typical flu-esque type of malady. She is feeling better than she did when she first woke up, but she is still feeling a bit crappy. Anyway… after getting ready for work, I had to assist in the morning ritual. Even half dazed due to her malady, Wifey navigated through the rituals 10 times better than her bumbling husband. She even adapted his morning ritual from “’Nilla Toast,” his typical breakfast, to a bowl of cereal without missing a beat. She is badass that way. She reads his morning moods and orients her actions without a second thought. I have trouble getting him out of his PJ’s. She can get him scarfing down oatmeal and strawberries, while I forget to give him his morning breathy until his afternoon nap. The dissimilarities are quite striking really.

So today, I played assistant to Wifey’s ailing primary role. I am proud to say that I fired okay and did not muck things up too much.

To Recap:
Wifey is ailing, and I am a poor morning substitute
Got a new monitor for the home PC this weekend
It is great
World of Warcraft looks amazing on it
So does Outlook, but who cares about that?
Not sure what is for dinner tonight
Wifey was planning on cooking some chicken stuff prior to being laid low by whatever is ailing her
I had a splitting headache yesterday due to the weather
Stupid change in barometric pressure!
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions is going to be about food
Wow, this post was basically a Shout out to Wifey
I guess I still like her
Check out who the screenwriter for "Stuart Little" is
Where was the bizarre end of the movie plot twist?
21 days until the 2nd Blogaversary!