2 Ended Candle Burned

This past week my 2 very best friends came into town to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. It was absolutely wonderful. This is the first time that the 3 of us have been able to get together in about 4 years. It was the first time that Dr. B-Dawg (I have decided that B-Dawg was a bit too disrespectful, he has his PhD in physics after all) was exposed to Little Man. It was a great .

The week of enjoyment started out Tuesday afternoon. Both Wifey and Capt. McArmypants got into town within a 30 minute time span. Tangent: Okay, I understand that airports in the US were all built prior to the terrorist events that occurred on 9-11. So, I understand that the terminals are set up for friends and family to wait for passengers at the gate. But since that is no longer allowed, is there any way that the airports could somehow let people waiting for passengers know when flights de-plane? I got really tired of getting excited that the people exiting the concourse were from my wife’s flight, when her plane had not even landed yet. End Tangent. Anyway… the late nights with friends started Tuesday evening and finished early Sunday morning. Unfortunately the mornings with Little Man did not take a significant break on Wednesday through Sunday as well.

Around 5 days of little sleep tends to make one rather tired. Today, more than the typical Monday I am tired to the point of distraction and maybe distortion. The candle was definitely burning on both ends. I hearty shout-out to Wifey for letting me get an extra bit of sleep here and there, but all-in-all I did amass a rather significant amount of sleep debt over the holiday. I probably won’t be well rested again until 2007. Good times.

The festivities were tempered with how much Dr. B-Dawg, Capt. McArmypants and my lives are different. We are all in radically different stages of our lives right now. I am in a wonderful marriage and father as well as professionally being a low level manager. Dr. B-Dawg is in a relationship that he is very happy about and doing individual lab research at a rather large university. Capt. McArmypants is un-abashedly single and not interested in a relationship, a prosecuting lawyer for the Army’s JAG corps, and deploying to a combat zone in early 2007 to do less prosecutorial duties. Clearly some differences going on there.

I found myself having some difficulties balancing what I perceived as my familial duties and truly allowing myself to interact with my friends. So, to my friends I say, “I’m sorry for not engaging like I should have.” I found myself on the outside looking in a couple of times, and it was completely of my own doing. I think it wasn’t until Friday that I really allowed myself to be part of the group. It might have been sleep deprivation that finally made me jump in, but I cannot be certain.

To recap:
The candle is well burnt on both ends
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions is about Little Man
I haven’t been drunk in a long time
Late night drinking + early morning wake up by Little Man = really really tired SRH
Luckily I was not hung over
I am really close to changing Capt. McArmypants’s name to LL Cool G
He knows why
Hint for those of you who aren’t Capt. McArmypants, it is not because of similar physique
Not in the least
Only got my hunter to level 12
Not level 20 L
I forgot to mention on Thursday’s post:
Cranberry Salad
Dinner Rolls