20 Questions Tuesday: 19 - Little Man

So to round out the 20 Questions Tuesdays about my family, today we will focus on Little Man. I would like to thank Zinger Zapper, Nadolny, Dustin, Belsum, the Em, and Peefer for their thoughtful and tasteful questions regarding Little Man.

Here come the questions:

1. If you could choose an obsession for Zane, other than trains, what would it be?
Mopping or some other cleaning activity

2. If Zane lost his allergy to one particular food group what would you prefer it be?
I think I would like him to loose the peanut allergy. That one is the one that would most likely result in a really bad anaphylactic reaction and/or death. That one scares the absolute beee-jeeezus out of us.

3. What things is little man actually allergic too? We hear there are a variety, but what specifically?
Okay, I will list out the ones he is allergic to currently and the ones he used to be allergic to.
Current: Dairy, Eggs, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, and pet type animals
Past: Soy, Tomato, Potato, Green Beans, Peas, and Carrots
Those are the ones I remember, I am sure that Wifey can add to list, and I encourage her to do so in the comments section.

4. How is he on bath nights? Our little one isn't too keen on water over her head and raises a fuss.
Actually he has a bath every night. It is part of his evening ritual: The slaughter of the Chickens (Chicky Fingers), the prayer to the Craven Images (trains on YouTube), the ritual cleansing (bath time), the reading of the scriptures (books before bed), the polishing of the fangs (tooth brushing), the recitations (stories before sleep), and the all encompassing battle of will (allowing himself to go to sleep)

5. What are his favorite three toys?
Currently in order, Amtrak F-40 Deisel Engine, CSX Deisel Engine, and Santa Fe Deisel Engine.

6. What is his favorite ethnic food?
I would have to say his love for Lentil Soup. But keep in mind what one group considers to be “ethnic food” another group just considers “food.” In China his favorite ethnic food is fat back green beans.

7. Does he like tater tots?
He does indeed, but he tends to like Crispy Crowns more. It is like the best parts of the tater tots combined into one delectable morsel.

8. Have you ever picked out (fro'd) his hair?
Occassionally he gets some rather tight curls near his head, so we have to untangle that hair and pretty much fluff it out. He lets me preen him like I am a big old silverback. He just sits in my lap and lets me pull out his “tangles.” He has not had a true afro (his hair is just not thick enough) but he has definitely had an “Einstein.”

9. What's the funniest thing he's said in the last 24 hrs.?
Mama, No go to Potty! Mama Chair! (He was sitting on Wifey’s lap and she needed to go… umm… well… potty (Giblets and Gravy! I sound like a parent. She had to pee! She had to use the facilities! Add to the toilet water! Potty?!?! I am really losing my ability to relate to non-parents.) ahem… she had to go to the bathroom, but Little Man really liked her as a chair.

10. How did you choose his name?
We went through an insane amount of baby name books and finally came up with 2 names that we both liked. An odd fact about Wifey, she will read a baby name book for fun. Infact there are usually at least 3 baby name books out and about in the house at any one given time. Anyway... we waited for the little tootsa to be born and decided which name fit him best.

11. What is his favorite cartoon/toy/song that you can’t stand?
Oh, there are so many… I would still have to go with Higgly Town Heroes!

12. What do you secretly (or not so secretly) hope that he will be when he grows up?
Rich! Stinking RICH!!!

13. What’s the most “testosteroney” thing he’s ever done?
Lately he has really enjoyed climbing the doorjamb, but have I mentioned his love for trains?

14. What is the name of his blog?
He has 2 that he occasionally has his duo of ghost writers pen for him: this one and this one

15. Now that Little Man is getting older, does he ever communicate a dislike and/or unfairness of how many allergies and breathing problems he has?
He has not really been socialized enough to realize that he is missing out too much. It also helps that he really is not that willing to try new foods.

16. What's the most shocking thing Little Man ever said or did? (good or bad)
Hmmmm... I believe it would be pantsing (to remove someone else's pants without permission in a public space) Wifey in the Library

17. I heard ANOTHER man refer to his wife and child as Wifey and Little Man respectively, so I Googled "wifey AND 'little man'" out of curiosity (which also made me realize that I should get a life). Do you realize you are result #4? Which begs the question: Why "Little Man?"
He is male and small. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Eventually, I imagine that I might have to alter his moniker.

PSYou need to get out more…

18. Does Little Man know about your blog?
Not so much. I am pretty sure that one day he will be unhappy with its existence

19. Please describe Little Man's love for trains.
It is an all consuming passion brighter than the sun. The fire of addiction burns in his belly much like a junkie craves heroine. He simply cannot get enough trains. It is impossible. I hope it passes because I don’t really want to set up the basement as a big old train layout.

20. What are the top two traits Little Man gets from you? One good. One evil.
Good: He really is pretty laid back and go “with the flow” about his schedule
Evil: (From Wifey)
willfulness. That and the inability to use pronouns – your whole “SRH will be cooking dinner now, and SRH will be going to bed now” - has set a terrible – nay, evil –precedent at our house.

To recap:
SRH is done with this post
I really don’t refer to myself in the 3 rd person all that much
I am, however, wearing a purple shirt today and therefore will be using the royal “we” for a while
We have no idea what we shall be having for dinner tonight
We still need a royal nap
We wonder if the King of Pirates would employ the royal “we” in their pirate speech
Then… we drift of to another subject
You can all imagine the dismissive waving of our royal hand during this recap
We are now finished with our posting for the day