Conversations with Zed

Nothing to post about today. So instead of writing a few paragraphs about “nothing,” I will go straight to the recap. Really, posting about nothing for me has become kind of a crutch. I have far too many times waxed eloquent about absolutely nothing. I can go on days and days about the absence of something. The concept of nothing is really a forté for me.

In my misspent college youth I actually studied some higher level math that focused almost solely on the concept of nothing, on the empty box, on the null set, I contrmplated φ for a semester, I spent quality time with the big goose egg, conversed with the Zed. I accomplished nothing for a semester, and it was good. The history of nothing, the applications of nothing, the membership of nothing, the cardinality of nothing, the cardinality of nothing, ummm the cardinality of nothing (I seem to be stuck on that one for some reason), the very existence of nothing. We looked at nothing as a concept, nothing as a construct, nothing as a logical building block. We used nothing as a foil, we used it as a basis, and we built 1 and 2 from nothing. We complimented the universe with nothing, and complemented nothing with the universe.

Honestly it was an interesting class, and when my parents asked what I learned that semester, I could look at them and in my most petulant 13 year old voice say, “Nothing!”

To Recap:
You ca say anything you want about nothing and be correct
Little Man did not want to go to pre-school today
He wanted to stay home and play trains
He went to pre-school… much to his chagrin
Grandpa R is in the hospital for stroke-like symptoms
Grandpa R and Grandma D really cannot catch a break
Google images for “nothing” suck
The section’s Holiday Hootnanny is this afternoon
Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a Chinese buffet followed closely by bowling
I mean it. NOTHING says “Happy Holidays” quite that way
Nothing, nil, nada, zilch zip, zero, zed, rien, bumpkiss, the big goose egg, φ, null, null set…
That’s all I got without a consulting Roget
Gimme some synonyms for nothing folks, I need to replenish my lexicon
Have a great weekend