Old project sweat stinks more

Not sure what is going on with the bidniz’s themostat today, but it is absolutely scorching in the office today. My forearms (not four arms á la Ganesh)

mmmmmm Sacrilege
are sticking to the desk. On Tangent: Okay, I was just going to post a benign pic of Ganesh, but Sweet French Onion Dip! why in the world would someone put a diety on a scooter for their website! Jesus on a scooter would never be acceptable, similarly with Mohammad. I obscured their website's URL in case they copyrighted their sacrilege, but if one wants to find it just do an "image" search on Google. Off Tangent The whole sticking to the desk thing really is quite disgusting. Everyone I am working with at the moment (more near than with. I am a crogetty curmudgeon from Anti-socialville) should be happy that I wore deodorant today. It was a whim, what can I say. I am really quite un-comfortable here at the moment. I even recognized that today was going to be unseasonably warm. I wore short sleeves and everything (everything defined as: shoes {Keen: Bronx}, socks {ummm Khaki-esque}, underwear {at least I am pretty sure I put them on}, pants {lighter khaki than my socks}, undershirt {deep mossy green, ooooooooh stylish}, and short sleeve button down {deep blue, but not navy blue}). Every time I feel the air move, even slightly I have hope that I will no longer be miserably sweating at my desk. Alas that is not to be. I will be soaked through and through before I leave this building.

To top it off, I was running around the building today to the various color printers that we have (none of which are located near people who actually print stuff out in color, but, most importantly, me.) to collate printouts of an entrance and exit plan for a local sports venue’s parking plan. A job, by the way, that I haven’t had to touch since January 22, 2006. That is one of the issues with my industry (Transportation Planning): Old projects never die. They linger on… forever and ever and ever and ever and ever… So, I have been working frantically all day for a project that ended in January. That is the way of things. The sweaty frantic way of things.

The printer is adding some weird artifacts to the prints. And it is a good 600 feet (183 meters for my metric readership) away. So far I have attempted 4 different fixes to get rid of the spurious white triangle that appears in the lower left corner of the prints, and none of them have worked (4800 fruitless feet of travel to and from my desk {1464 meters for the metric folk}). I am on my last possibility to make the prints print out correctly.

So here I am, sticking to my desktop, saturating the carpet around me with perspiration, and working on a project that we turned in a final report on in January. It has not been a stellar Wednesday for me. So, how is your day going?

To recap:
Why in the world would someone Photoshop Ganesh onto a scooter?
I mean, really, Ganesh would be all about the H3
Wifey is in Cincinnati this afternoon, not to return until 8 this evening
I am not sure what I am going to feed Little Man tonight
I need to do laundry
I need some sleep
Tomorrow is the section Holiday Hootnanny
We are going bowling
I can wait
I can most assuredly wait