20 Questions Tuesday: 22 - Not Christmas

Here we are with 20 Questions Tuesday again, and since we have already spent the previous 2 weeks of December on Christmas, I have decided that today’s topic will be non-Christmas. Not necessarily Anti-Christmas, or Un-Christmas, just non-Christmas. Thanks this week go to Pithboy, Belsum, Dr B-Dawg, Dustin, JW, and Nadolny. I had to be kind of selective for the questions this week because next week will be all about New Years, that and there were 30 questions. I am sure some of you will cry “foul!” but since this is my blog, I get to make the rules.

1. If gay marriage became mandatory, which of you (Wifey or you) would get a sex-change?
It would probably be me, but I will not go into specifics!

2. If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, did it really happen at all?
Not outside of Vegas. Kind of like marriages that happen in Fiji typically stay in Fiji.

3. Would you rather have fire ants and honey poured into your underwear or be stuck on an elevator with Rosie O'Donnell?
Wow, umm…. Fire ants. I grew up with them in ‘Bama, I think I could survive that more than the Rosie encounter.

4. What is your ratio of work-related to family-related items posted at/on your desk/cube walls?
Let’s see… the ratio is 5:1 family to work.

5. Bill or Ted? Station or Reaper?
Ted Theodore Logan and “You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the Reaper.”

6. How many prematurely canceled FOX shows are you still bitter about? Which ones?
The one I am most ticked about was the Tick live action show.

7. Surefire proof that the End of the World is nigh?
Andy Dick.

8. Why do so many people unnecessarily stop at yield signs, but will roll through stop signs?People are not that bright. The same people who stop at the yield and roll through the stop go 65mph (about 105 kph) in a 55mph (about 89 kph) construction zone while only going 60mph (about 95 kph) in a normal 65 mph (about 105 kph)zone.

9. Why is global warming so disregarded?
Because stories about global warming tend to come out in the winter when people are happy about it not being so cold. The news stories in the summer tend to focus on high cost of energy and air-conditioning woes.

10. When you make a PB and J, do you coat both slices of bread with the PB or do you smear one with PB and the other with J?
I slather one piece of bread with the peanut butter and then clean the knife off on the other piece of bread. So it is kind of like peanut buttering both sides, but not really.

11. Would you ride in a zeppelin across the ocean?
No, I don’t think so. I think the day of the re-enforced airship are over. I also am not a big fan of the transatlantic cruise.

12. What's your favorite Hanukkah game?
I, sadly, do not have a favorite. I love them all. And by all I mean spinning the dreidel.

13. How come every talks about Kwanza, but I've never met anyone who actually celebrates it?
You know, I am in the same boat. To be culturally edifying, it is important top note that Kwanza is not a holiday celebration like Christmas or Hanukkah, it is a celebration of heritage for (in many cases) a people whose heritage has been stripped from them.

14. Does mistletoe grow as a tree or a shrub?
Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that is neither tree nor shrub.

15. Do you think Egg Nog was an intentional creation, or an accident gone deliciously wrong?
Anytime one adds eggs to milk and alcohol, it was no accident. Hey, wait a second, this questions is kind of Christmassy…

16. Which, in your opinion is the best board game for parties?
Hmmm…. I am not much of a board game officianado. I would always go for Trivial Pursuit, but that is because I am a big old dork. The person to ask this question has his blog here.

17. What's the last Comic/Graphic novel you've read?
The last one I read was The Ultimates part 2 anthology graphic novel. It is the collection of The Ultimates issues 7 through 12. The story is basically a “more realistic” story of the Avengers. It was a fun read.

18. If these were the only choices you had, which would you drive? Yugo or Chevy Chevette.
The Chevette. G-Money had a 1976 Chevette for a long time and there are some fond memories from my youth associated with that car.

19. Why a not-Christmas theme at Christmas time? Are you a marketing scrooge in disguise?
I already did 2 weeks of Christmas questions, I just felt that 3 would be overkill. So in answering your second question, ummm… Not that I am aware of. Hey, this is another Christmassy question…

20. Wouldn't a post about Christmas knots be better? Imagine the joy of the children as they learn to tie a "taunt line eggnog hitch" or a "gift square knot".
And the “Rudolph 2 half hitches.” The “Christmas Bowline” Ummm… How could I Christmas up a Clove Hitch? There just has to be one there.

No, I don’t think the children would want to learn Christmas Knots. Christmas Don Knotts? Maybe

To recap:
RIP Joe Barbara, my childhood would have been even emptier without your cartoon studio
Only 6 more days to Christmas
Mmmmmm left over steamed chicken for lunch
All we have left are stocking stuffers for the gifts
Lots and lots of stocking stuffers
Only 5 more days before the Christmas food traditions commence
I love me some food
Especially Christmas food
Great, now I am hungry again
I think it is time to break out “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as a bed time story