I am cantankerous

There are clearly levels of marketing that people attain. A marketing ladder, if you will, exists within the whole of the marketing industry. The upper echelon of that group are the big ad agencies who crank out top-flight commercials and print ads that bring relatively obscure companies to the limelight and fame and, of course, fortune. These players are the big dogs, so to speak. They reign from on high, looking down on the marketeers dreaming to be them, but they recognize that their reign is not going to be forever, so they constantly grow and expand their capabilities. Below them are the people in marketing that are doing everything in their power to become successful. It is a long ladder to be sure, but there is a bottom to that ladder, and it is not pretty.

Below the people who are doing their own ads on cable access are a couple of different marketing niches. The bottom rung of marketing is not a pretty place to be. We have all seen the bottom rung, and we have all been shamed by the inadequacies of that group of marketers. This rung of the marketing ladder has to deal with budgets that are clearly made from rotten persimmons and some used double sided tape. The “talent” (so to speak) is obviously mad up of non-paid junior high school interns and maybe some farm animals. "What marketing is this horrible?” you may ask. Go ahead, I will wait….

Good question. I will attempt to answer it.

The bottom rung of the marketing ladder are those poor saps who have to fill the ad space on movie screens prior to the start of movies, not the local ads either. These are the national chain ads for companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi that ask insipid trivia questions about actors and movies while showing badly staged photos of carbonated beverages are shown spilling and splashing. The ads that ask you to unscramble the actor “OMT ANKSH” and gives clues like “was in Forrest Gump,” “was in Apollo 13,” “was in Big,” and “is actually spelled Tom Hanks.” You know what I am talking about. These people who make these marketing ads are the lowest of the low. They are lower than the people who make ads displayed on bus stop benches.

Whoa, SRH, wait a second. They aren’t that bad, are they? Yes, they are, and I will tell you why. They are that bad because they are working for multi-billion dollar giants like Coca-Cola. They might not be working for the cultural juggernaut itself, but they are working for it in some way because the “Coca-Cola” (or equivalent) logo is prominently displayed on the graphic being projected super big on the screen. They would do better with just still pics of the polar bears drinking Coke and no crappy movie/celeb trivia.

Could they at least come up with more challenging trivia. Stuff that will give one pause, and cause thoughts to occur. Not un-obscure word scrambles that… ummm I am going to stop now…

To recap:
I swear I am like 3 years away from “If that ball come in my yard I am keeping it!”
What kind of crodgetty crap did I just post?
I sound like I am old and really angry about it
Really, this is pretty pitiful
That is the category “Not about Christmas”
Not sure what we are having for dinner tonight
But I believe it will be tasty nonetheless
Good Lord I have to start up the exercise regime again
And before the New Year’s resolutioners get there
I need more PTO so I can take off time next week
Got the bulk of the Christmas cards in the mail today
The rest will go out soon
I lack a few addresses
I promise the post will be better tomorrow