20 Questions Tuesday: 23 - Christmas, the aftermath

Ah, Christmas, you have come in and gone like a thief in the night. I trust everyone is doing well and those of us who celebrate Christmas came out like the robber-barons of yore. Today’s topic is about the aftermath of the holiday. The big sigh after a feast. Thanks this fine New Year’s Eve’s Eve’s Eve’s Eve’s Eve go to IC Yellow, ACW, Pithboy, Popo, The Em, and Wifey.

Here come the questions:

1. How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?
I honestly do not remember. I would guess around 6 or 7, but I probably started suspecting around 5. Kindergarden does wonders for a kid's knowledgebase.

2. What time did Little Man get you up Christmas morning?
Little Man let us sleep until 8:30. We think his natural schedule is asleep by 10:00 pm and awake by 8:30 am. Sadly, that is not the schedule that he is usually on. My sleep schedule would be 2 am to 10 am, but being in the daytime workforce puts the kibosh on my natural schedule.

3. Why do kids think they are entitled to everything they ask from Santa?
Because they are kids. Little Man got a new spiral train track, 3 engines, 7 freight cars and 1 caboose yesterday, and all he could ask was “Where Norfolk Southern engine?”

4. Why/how can one gift (bad) change the mood of a kid, when they really liked everything else?
Kid’s are fickle. They epitomize the “What have you done for me lately” credo. While most of the presents could be kick-ass, one crappy pair of burgundy socks from their grandma in Florida when all they really wanted was some McDonald’s gift certificates. I mean come on Grandma… I was 10 years old. What 10 year old wears burgundy socks? Couldn’t you have at least gotten a color that is useable? Burgundy? Don’t waste your money on socks that I will never wear, that just doesn’t make any sense… ummm next question please.

5. Are you spending anytime this week returning gifts?
Nope, but both Wifey and I are awaiting some presents to be delivered though.

6. Did Little Man receive anything that would break his obsession with trains?
I am not sure such a thing exists.

7. What was your favorite gift this year (and not "time with the family eating")?
Everyone wants to know what the favorite gift was, and what the worst gift was. The thing about Christmas when you have a kid who starts to get the whole idea that he is getting gifts, is that the best gift I got was seeing Little Man open up his gifts. How's that for a schmaltzy father answer?

8. I got a glass kiln for Christmas. Now I can begin different fusing and slumping projects. I know this isn't a question, but I'm very excited about it. How annoying do you expect me to be about it?
Does one really need a kiln to start slumping? I am currently slumping happily away in my chair with nary a kiln in sight.

9. Yes it's pretty, but don't you hate the new mylar wrapping paper? It just doesn't rip and tear like the traditional paper of my youth.
I think it is a tragedy when one cannot rend their paper into unrecognizable tatters. Mylar takes scissors to make tatters.

10. If you could have found one lost toy from your childhood under the tree this year, which would it be?
Hmmmm… this is a tough one because my toys were kind of crappy. My brother and I did get a nice TYCO rail-less race track though. I would have to go with that.
11. If you had found world peace under the tree, what would it have looked like?
I am sure it would have been furry and cuddly, but probably not house-trained.

12. What gift would you have liked to put under Paris Hilton's tree?
A son of a Greek shipping magnate. Eventhough I think she is symptomatic to what is wrong with our society, I hold her no malice. If more money would and aa rich Greek jerk would make her happy, I think that is what she should get for Christmas, especially if it would keep her out of the limelight so I don't have to hear or see her ever again.

13. Why am I sooo tired right now after Christmas, shouldn't I be well rested???
Christmas is a like alchohol. It is great fun to celebrate, but if you have too much, things can go sour and fast. Everything is merry and bright. Gifts are shiny and lovely and it is great fun tearing into the packaging to reveal the love that has been given to you. So right now you are having the Christmas hang-over. Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

14. Why do we use so much darn wrapping paper for Christmas presents????
It is pretty.

15. When wrapping is a bow really necessary or does it just get in the way of the paper carnage?
To me, it depends on how long the package is going to be under the tree. If one is going to go through the trouble of really decorating a gift with all sorts of fancy schmancy bows and ribbon, and sprigs of holly and such, then that gift should be under the tree for as long as humanly possible. Conversely, if you are wrapping ht e night before… bow is not necessary.

16. What time is the proper time to open gifts...right after midnight or in the morning?
Midnight is technically “in the morning.”

17. Why do people ask what "your favorite gift" is? You have had them all under 24 hours, sometimes under 24 minutes, and you are already suppose to pass judgments on each gift....unless its money which automatically wins! What is the PC way to answer when all the gift givers are in the same room???? AHHH!!!!
People always think their gift was the best and just want to hear that. I think it is a bit cruel of them to put you on the spot like that. I would look at the person who asked you and say, "All the gifts I got were pretty good except {insert name of the gift the person gave you here}." The PC answer is, “Oh, I don’t think I can choose just one, all of my gifts were all so thoughtful and wonderful.” ** Author's note: That one was hard to even think, much less type out.

18. Why is it that after hours and hours of shopping and wrapping and sooo much build up that Christmas is over in a matter of minutes?
Isn’t that the way of many things. One must be careful not to over-hype their own holidays, lest they become a Dean Devlin Godzilla.

19. Why am I at work the day after Christmas? We get the day after Thanksgiving off, I think the same should go for Christmas.
At least where I work, if people have the hours in their PTO bank, they are not here. Most people, if they can, tend to take off the week between Christmas and New Years. I hate Those people, but it is a hate born of envy, not loathing. That makes it okay, right?

20. Anything you regret getting Little Man this year?
Not yet, but I am sure there will be something that will come back to bite me in the ass.

To recap:
This was a difficult Christmas Eve and Christmas night for Little Man
In exchange for Santa giving him gifts, Little Man had to give Santa all his pacifiers
It was not pretty
Mimma is a saint
I am tired and this weather is giving me a pounding headache
Next week’s 20 questions will be on the topic of New Years
I have to get back to work
Right after I eat some lunch
Shrimp Fettuccini