20 Question Tuesday: 27 - the 1st Style Edition

Here we go with 20 Questions Tuesday: 27: the 1st Style Edition. Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, JA Coppinger, WV Slim, and Lsig. Also thanks to everyone else who sent questions, I will get them in next week’s edition “The 2nd Style Edition.”

On to the questions:

1. When designing your henge, do you prefer sandstone, marble, or granite? Wait, you said "style" not "stele." No matter, let the question stand.
The outer ring would have to be rough hewn marble while the inner was all Dolemite! Oops, I meant Dolimite. My bad.

2. Would you, man o man,
wear tan shoes with pink shoelaces?
Umm… Only with a polka-dot vest? Did I get that one right?

3. Zoot suit, raccoon skin coat, or bell bottom jeans with a Brady Bunch shirt?
Zoot Suit. I have always dug the stylist angular lines of a well oversized Zoot Suit.

4. Who's your favorite queer? (On "Queer Eye," not in your everyday life.)
Ted, because he seems to have the best sense of humor and I am more of a foodie than a fashionista, coifferouse, cultural maven, or interiorologist. And we all know that you’re my favorite “queer”, Pithy, that’s why folks at the office talk about us all the time.

5. If you suddenly discovered yourself being chased by zombies into a marshy cemetery, would you take a moment to kick off your stilleto heels, or would you press on, hoping you wouldn't trip and tear your long white nightgown?
My character in that genre of B-horror movie would have been the one whose grisly death frightened said stiletto heel wearin/ nightgown clad femme fatal.

6. Tell the truth: did you ever do the Greg Brady look, ala: bell bottoms, platform heels and see through shirt open to the navel?
Lots of folk wish I had Brady-ed up as a kid. The worst thing I can remember are the polyester red, yellow, black, and white plaid pants with the silk brown, orange, and yellow paisley shirt and sandles. That counts right? Sweet Rhino Molars! I think my Mom hated me.

7. Finest piece of clothing you ever saw on a woman that made you sit up, rub your eyes and say: “Dang!”
That is an interesting question. I do have to say that my wife’s wedding dress made me do the whole double take thing. Absolutely exquisite… but too schmaltzy. In fact I am now limiting the question to people I have actually seen who I am not married to (she’ll win every time), and I am sorry ladies, nothing is coming to mind. You need to work on that. Come on… impress me. Might I suggest something skimpy?

8. Same as above for the worst you ever saw.
Again, and interesting question. Hmmm… I grew up in Alabama… in the 80’s… there are many a thing to talk about there.

9. Writing Style: Steinbeck, King, or Fitzgerald?
They all got style. I have read both Steinbeck and Fitzgerald, but I have never gotten into any King. His typical subject matter just doesn’t “thrill” me. The Stein beck reading and Fitzgerald readings were so long ago, I don’t remember much about them. Where would you place me? You guys are the ones reading my blather.

10. Most embarrassing hairdo you ever wore?
I think I mulletted it up for 7th grade, but my hair was too curly to really tell. At least that is what I tell myself so I can sleep at night.

11. How would you describe your "style"
My style is he had a kid within the last 5 years style. Meaning, I have not bought any clothes for myself in 3.5 years. Otherwise I would say Utilitarian Camping Chic or Derelicte.

12. Do you think Zane will adopt your style? Has he exhibited behaviors of finding his own style?
I think he will start out by emulating it and then branch off on his own. His only style right now is being willing to wear any and everything with trains on it. Had a big fight this morning about taking off the Thomas jammies.

13. What do you have to say about your shoe fetish?
What can I say I love me some shoes. Now I have not purchased any insanely expensive footwear, but I am not saying that I would or would not. So far $150 for a pair is about as ‘spensive as I have gotten.

14. Would you say Wifey has more style than you?
Most definitely. She is entirely more put together than me… in many many ways.

Did you really have to ask?

15. What memory of your past do you remember feeling the most stylish? A date... a dance...
Hmmmmm… I have to say that rarely, if ever do I think of myself as “in style.” I like to skirt around the edge of style in the “not hideously out of style” bracket.

16. Must one have money to have style?
It is definitely easier to stay in the style game with money, but not absolutely necessary. Without money one has to really work for it though. It takes effort to really look for the bargains and such. Effort I do not have. So I am neither rich nor industrious which means I have no style.

17. When all is said and done, does style even matter?
I think to a certain point it does matter. If one looks at style as a tasteful presentation of one’s outward appearance to indicate personality, then, yes, style does have some substance. If it is merely being “trendy” then I don’t think so. One can have style and not have to be trendy.

18. I've heard people describe fashion-followers as shallow and superficial, and I've also heard the opinion that those who care about such things are actually more evolved, sophisticated humans. Your thoughts?
Yes to both. I think it’s entirely possible to be both shallow and superficial AND evolved and sophisticated – look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They’re Hollywood stars (shallow and superficial) who do humanitarian projects (evolved) while wearing the coolest chinos (sophisticated).

19. Do clothes make the man?
They can. The clothes have to be appropriate for the person wearing them though. It is kind of a nature/nurture argument though. I think the clothes make the man to a certain extent and the man makes the clothes to a certain extent.

20. Who is the most stylish person that you actually know?
Aside from Wifey I would have to say WV Slim.

To recap:
Busty, busty, busty today
Err… I mean “busy”
Yes, definitely busy
Not “busty” at all
Really? No comments from yesterday?
Everybody gets comments when there are fart jokes…
Wifey is home sick today
I know way too much about Hollywood gossip
For that I blame Wifey
She’s also to blame for my shoe obsession
I take full responsibility for my WOW obsession
Kind of
Getting slammed at the office today