So, Thursday Little Man decided it was nigh passed the time when he should get another cold. I has been 3 weeks of new year with barely a sniffle, so I guess he might be right. Don’t get me wrong, since about November Wifey and I have been giving him at least 1 rescue treatment a day, so it hasn’t been all roses, rainbows, and unicorn farts here in SRHville. I said “unicorn farts” not “Unicron farts.” There is a big difference:

Shout out to the Gen X geeks out there! “Holla! Holla!”

Anyway… Thursday Little man gets his first cold of 2007. I happen to get the same cold Friday morning. Friday evening Wifey decides that she is feeling left out and jumps on the cold bandwagon. This weekend was a sniffily, snuffily disgusting weekend of phlegm and inability to breath. Eventhough we had our ER bag packed Saturday night we were able to ride out the multiple breathing treatments necessary to keep the little one alive. The rule is 3 in a 6 hour timeframe and to the ER we go. We were at 3 in a 6.5 hour time frame. So we were 1 episode of ALF away from Orapred.

Hey, Willy!

To recap:
Unicorn farts = potpourri
ahhhh... orange peel and anise
Unicron farts = annihilation
My planet is gone!
It is a simple transposition of letters
Speaking of mis-types…
I accidentally hit the “t” when I type “busy” all the time as well
That makes for some odd emails to co-workers
“You sure look busty today, Bob.”

“Ummm… I don’t understand your email”

“You know, Bob. ‘You have a nice rack,’ or maybe I accidentally hit the‘t’ key. I am not telling you which is the truth though. I like to keep you guessing.”
20 Questions Tuesday tomorrow
Not sure what is for dinner tonight