At the desk

The problem with eating lunch at your desk is that, it is, well, at your desk. When you are close to the actual area that you work, you realize how much work you have to do. That is why I enjoy going out to lunch on workdays. Don’t get me wrong, I also like eating greasy food that some unhappy minimum wager had to slop together, but that is pretty much secondary to getting the hell away from my desk.

I have tried eating in the little snack area where my company provides tables for we worker bees, but it turns out that I hate small talk and don’t like people. That did not work for very long. Too many forced conversation about “local sporting events,” “weather,” and other flat pleasantries made the process of eating communally a bit of a chore. That and some of the people like to “share” waaay too much information about their extended family woes. Just because I am sitting near the microwave, does not mean I want to hear about your cousin Timmy’s appendix, or, especially, your 55 year old uncle’s penchant for 20-something women.

So, here I sit at my desk eating Tyson Chicken’s Chicken Cordon Bleu with some microwaved corn… staring at my screen, posting a blog post instead of working. Looking at the pile of papers that have long since lost their semblance of order, and thinking, “Great Blue Heron Beaks! I have tons of work I need to do… I think I need to clean my desk up… I wish my toe would stop itching. I don’t think the co-workers would like it if I took off my shoe and sock to scratch my toe. Hey, at least I am not trimming my toenails at work like the freak did when I first started working here. I did not misspell ‘microwaved.’ It is the past tense of ‘microwave.’ Why does Microsoft Word recognize the spelling of ‘microwave’ but not ‘microwaved?’ that just doesn’t make any sense. I love the ham in chicken cordon bleu. Does anyone make ‘Ham Cordon Bleu?’ I could use a nap. Yeah, a nap would be good. Ooooh, Shiny!”

Ummm… where was I? Oh, yes, lamenting lunches at the desk. At least the chicken was tasty, and I like the company keep during the lunches at my desk (me), so I guess it could be worse. I could be forced to eat at Skyline Chili or White Castle all the time. That would hurt. That would hurt me badly.

To recap:
Wifey seems to be doing better
I think it has to do with the Roast Beef
We purchased the Christmas program DVD produced by Little Man’s preschool
Turns out Little Man enjoys watching himself on the big-screen
Picking his nose
Today's lesson: I don’t like people
Much less talking to them
Especially when I am eating
I typically do not respond to meme, call outs, but…

This is for you B from e-lah
Good lord, I look haggard
Did I mention that I don’t like people?
‘Cause I don’t
At all
W T F ?!???!!??
Maybe the Beck’s of 3 to 4 years ago, but now?
Oh, yeah, it's de-lurking week, so leave comments if you got 'em
Have a great weekend, everyone