20 Questions Tuesday: 34 - Perception

It is that time of the week again. That’s right, it is 20 Questions Tuesday time, well not "Time," that was last week and the week before. Many of the questions I received about “Time” ended up being more about “perception,” so the idea for today’s topic was born. Many have said that possession (not the demonic kind) is 9/10ths of the law. If that is truly the case, then perception is 9/10ths or reality (not realty, turns out that perception is only 1/22nd of realty, who would have thought?). So today’s topic is very relative. It really depends upon people’s point of view. Here we go with the 5th dimension: Perception.

Thanks this week to Lord Pithy, ACW, J.A.Coppinger, Peefer, and JW. On to the questions!

1. Does it matter if the glass is half full or half empty if there's a waiter standing nearby?
Only if they respond to a snap of the fingers and a bellow of “Garçon?”

2. How many wrongs will make a right?
22 1/2. It is the half wrong that is the bugger, and you have to do 22 full wrongs in a row, and then the half wrong. It is just how it works. Might as well do the right, don’t ya think?

3. I would rather be lucky than skilled. What would you rather be?
Lucky, most definitely lucky.

4. Given it can't be your brain in the pan, who's dream would you want to be a part of?
Honestly, I am probably part of many people’s dreams but they either don’t know me, or they don’t want to tell me.

5. Why are pessimists attributed with the saying "the glass is half empty" and not "Fuck it - the world's going to end anyway"?
I think that is how the hedonists look at it, not the pessimists.

6. Why is it that 60°F (15.56°C or 288.71K) in the Autumn is chilly and in the Spring its considered warm?

Okay, I kid, but not really. It has to do with the direction and magnitude of the temperature change. When the body is used to a certain temperature a 10° F swing in either direction is going to be noticeable. If it is -20° F (-28.89°C or 244.26K) outside and then warms up to 14°F (-10°C or 263.15K), 14°F feels like an absolutely balmy and warm day.

7. How is it that we can identify the idiots, yet the idiots are oblivious to their own existence? Don't they look in the mirror?
I once read somewhere (I forget where) that 75 to 80% of people think that they are smarter than the average person. This, of course, is statistically impossible. Stupid people don’t know they are stupid. Idiotic people don’t know they are idiots, but the smart folk are well aware of their smarts.

8. What is the most ridiculous popular perception you can think of?
That I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is butter. Come on people! “It’s Not Butter” is in the name!

9. How do you think strangers perceive you?
Well, old folk are scared of me for some reason (especially when I am driving in a parking lot), so I would have to go with scary. I am interested in what others think though, so please comment away. You guys are probably stranger than most.

10. What was your most mistaken perception from when you were a kid?
Girls are icky.

11. What do you perceive as the most important thing needed for a happy life?
A strong sense of self. I don’t necessarily think that it will; bring you happiness by itself, but I think it is the foundation upon which happiness is built.

12. Is perception the cause of the “Age Gap” or are we just becoming cranky old farts?
These are not mutually exclusive categories. The age gap can exist without cranky old farts, and cranky old farts can exist without an age gap.

13. When I perceive blue and you perceive blue, are we seeing the same blue? Maybe your blue is my fuchsia.
We are most likely Not seeing the exact same hue of blue because of differences in our optical abilities. But I would most likely think that with the homogenization of world culture, that the concept of blue is becoming more uniform. Now my blue might be someone else’s turquoise or periwinkle, but fuchsia is a bit of a stretch. Now there is such a thing as blue/green color vision deficiency, so that might be an issue as well, but blue/fuchsia is a bit of a stretch.

14. What is the smallest thing you are aware of ever having seen without the use of an optical aid? With the use of an optical aid?
Hmmm… I believe I have seen a generic mote with un-aided vision, and the smallest thing I can think of that I have seen with a microscope is an amoeba.

15. What would it be like to live without depth perception.
Painful and Bruisey

16. What is the maximum number of small pet dogs (e.g. terriers) you think you could have without them being a severe detriment to the quality of your life?

17. What was your perception of question number 16?
It was a well phrased question, but lacking in background research. Had the questioner dug even remotely into my past, the questioner would have realized my dislike of canines.

18. Please attempt to explain to me why, no matter what, my wife and I will generally tend to perceive the EXACT same thing completely differently?
Well, sir, that is because your views of the events are wrong. It is easier when you just accept that.

19. Do you feel there is any likelihood that some or any of us possess the latent (or not so latent) ability of Extra Sensory Perception?
There is an amazing amount of the brain that we just do not use. I can only imagine that some of it would lead to more than typical perception. I have already remarked about my amazing déjà vu abilities.

20. Just how does women's intuition work?
Just like a man’s “Gut Instinct.” It sounds better though.

To recap:
The mass on Wifey’s liver is a Focal Nodular Hyperplasia
She goes into more depth here
Let me just say that grape sized tumors are nothing, walnut sized tumors are for schmucks, golf ball sized tumors make me laugh.
Now, a golf ball and a half – that’s a tumor
Papa’s in the barrel right now
Little Man loves him some Papa
It’s sweet – and suffocating
WV Slim, all of your questions were, I believe, about “conception”
I will answer them here: 1. Do you think God makes babies, or is it more likely that the guy just didn't pull out in time? 2. Do you believe that Mary was a virgin? 3. My mom once told me a could still get pregnant with my underwear on. To this day I am still confused by this. Can you shed some light on it? 4. Is jumping up and down an effective form of birth control?
1. Ummm… Pulling out is not an effective method of birth control. That and the rhythm method are colloquially referred to as “pregnant” 2. Not when I met her. We are talking about the same “Mary,” right? 3. I believe she didn’t want you to be doing ANYTHING sexual EVER. Parents are naïve like that (isn’t that right ACW?). That is how I read that one. 4. Nope
Thanks for sending questions though
24 questions for the price of 20
You guys got a bargain
Sloppy Joe’s aren’t’ nearly as good on night three
The word of the day today is proprioceptive
I have really small weak muscles that protest when I use them
I increased my workout all around last night
I balanced that out with a Vanilla Frosty
I am sore today
Not because of the Vanilla Frosty
There is nothing wrong with the Vanilla Frosty