The Forced Nap

Yesterday Little Man forced me to take a nap with him. That’s right, “Forced me.” You see, he needed a nap, but I had already taken a nap (stop judging me, I was tired). It was a nice morning nap while Little Man and Wifey went to feed some ducks at a local park. Turns out they had to go to 3 different parks to feed the ducks. The first park had a rather prominently displayed extremely stringent anti-duck feeding policy, so it was a no go. The second park had a lack of ducks. The third and final park had a no duck feeding policy, but it was not as audaciously displayed. Wifey and Little Man ignored the small anti duck feeding signs there and gave the ducks a mighty repast consisting of old (non-moldy but slightly stale) hamburger buns. Upon arriving home, Little Man made a bee-line to the bed-room to wake me up and tell me of the duck feeing adventure. After waking me up, he then went down stairs and shed his shoes and coat.

Anyway… fast forward 1 hour. Wifey is really tired and ready for a nap. I had been cleaning the night before and a little that morning, so I wanted to continue getting my portion of “getting the house in order,” so to speak. Little Man was having none of it. He wanted a nap with Papa. We tried talking him into a nap with Wifey, but it just was not working. The only way Wifey was getting a nap, was if I napped as well. So all three of us trudged up the wooden hill and got into a various sleeping positions. It took him about 45 minutes to fall asleep, but then he slept hardcore for 1.5 hours, with me in tow.

To recap:
I napped for 3 hours yesterday
We still cleaned the kitchen, the dining room, picked up the living room, did some laundry
I didn’t fall asleep until 2 am
I got my blood elf warlock up to level 25 though
Little Man had his second part of his OT eval today
We are not as displeased with the process today
We = Wifey + Me, not the royal “We” that I use when I talk about the realm and me
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions are about Perception…. Ooooh… perception