20 Questions Tuesday: 37- More Cryptozoologicals, Paranormal Animals, and Mythological Beasties

Here it is the continuation of last week’s mega-hit topic: 20 Questions Tuesday: 36 - Cryptozoologicals, Paranormal Animals, and Mythological Beasties. I like to call it 20 Questions Tuesday 37 – More Cryptozoologicals, Paranormal Animals, and Mythological Beasties. I have a way with words, I know.

Thanks this week go to The Em, JW, Allrileyedup, Atmikha, and Dustin. Honestly folks, I really do owe you for helping me to write 4 times a week. Apologies to Riley and Dustin, whose G-mail emails didn’t make it through for other Tuesdays. Clearly the IT group at my company figured out what was going on and remedied the issue. A hearty thanks to all of you questioners, really, without you guys, there would be a whole lot more posts that were me rambling on about nothing.

On to the questions:

1. What are your thoughts on the Loch Ness Monster? Do you think it exists?
I love the idea of cryptozoologicals and I think that some of them actually do exist. That being said, Loch Ness is not a hospitable place for a large creature. There just is not enough nutrients in the body of water to sustain a large bodied creature and have it not seen more often and properly documented. If it is a carnivore, the fish population is not large enough in the loch to maintain a sustainable population of the creatures (unless one assumes that Nessie is a singular creature that can live forever). If it is a herbivore, the creature would have to forage closer to the shores and therefore be more susceptible to capture due to the lack of flora in the depths of the loch. Alas and alack, I do not think that Nessie is one of the cryptids that exists.

2. If you could be half man/half horse, would you want to be?
Some have already called me a horse’s ass. Does that count? The real answer is and unequivocal, “Hell No!” Wifey don’t like horses and that just wouldn’t work for me.

3. What was the purpose of the Golden Fleece?
Myth: show wealth and power
Reality: There were some ancient cultures in what is now the former Soviet Republic of Georgia that used to do the equivalent of panning for gold with the fleece of a sheep. The gold flecks would settle into the deep wool of the fleece and give the fleece a shimmering golden hue. They did this to make money.

4. Which one strikes more fear in the hearts of men: Cyclops or Minotaur?
I think both would be rather scary beings to behold. Both were basically sequestered in rather remote areas. I would have to go with the Cyclops though, because he was able to roam free on an island, while the minotaur was cooped up in the labrynth.

5. Who was more annoying? Jar-jar Binks (Star Wars), or Falcor (Neverending story)?

6. Who would win a fight between Ookla (Thundarr theBarbarian) and Chewbacca (Star Wars)?
Hand to hand? Gonna have to go with Ooklah the Mok on this one. Remember in the opening credits Ooklah is swinging a helicopter around like it is a toy. Chewie ain’t got nothing on that.

From a distance? Chewie and his bowcaster ftw.

7. Is there a mythical creature that an OSU fan can blame for losing to Florida yet again? I believe I would have to go with Gator, and it is unfortunately not mythical for many a Central Ohioan.

8. What is the difference between fairies and faeries?
Spelling. Glibness aside, typically “fairies” are associated with kids’ stories. It is the common name of the “Fair Folk.” Usually when an author uses the “ae” spelling, they are making the group in question a bit more sinister be referring to them as the “Fae” or “Fey” or doomed. It is all about the slant an author is using.

9. Two part question: Part 1: Unicorns--real or not? Extinct? Do you remember the movie, The Last Unicorn? Part 2: Dragons--real or not? Extinct?Do you remember the movie, Flight of Dragons?
Part 1: I do not think that the magical unicorn exists. I do remember the horrid movie. Scarred me as a child, it did. Marred me for life.
Part 2: I think Dragons were more associated with meteorological and geological phenomena than real beasts. When I tornado struck a town in pre-medieval Europe, I am sure it was the work of a dragon. Etc… I do not recall that movie.

10. If there was a Mythical Creature Death Match, who would you like to see duke it out?
Tiamat and Marduk. They are pretty evenly matched.

11. If you were to design a T-shirt for a family reunion, and had to incorporate the ancestral herald of a cockatrice and the family motto "Je n'oublierai pas," What would it look like?
Well, it would have a cocatrice with a befuddled look on its face. A word balloon coming from it saying, “What was I supposed to remember?” and in Gothic block letters underneath would read "Je n'oublierai pas.”

12. If Brad Pitt was a good friend of yours, and you found out that Angelina Jolie is actually a kitsune, would you say anything?
Probably not. No need to incur the wrath of a trixter.

13. Say you somehow fell off of a boat, and Manu saved you from drowning. How would you repay him?
What could little old me give to the descendant of all India? He was already granted a wife, and he ain’t getting Wifey.

14. Evidently, more and more children in Japan are flying around the countryside in the Miyazaki Cat Bus after bedtime, or dangling from Totoros. Why do these forms of aviation have more appeal than, say, a flying carpet, or even just an airplane?
Because anything Hiyoa Miyazaki touches is inherently more whimsically magical than most travel concepts.

15. In the French fairy tale Peau d'Ane, a beautiful girl has to disguise herself as a dirty beast of burden. Pinocchio's friends at Pleasure Island inadvertently become trapped in the same condition by their regressive behavior. Why is it that boys have the power to change their predicaments, but girls always have to wait for True Love?
Because the myth and fairy tale is that for woman, love conquers all. They must be saved due to their inability to save themselves. For myths and legends in general, women and girls are the object of a quest, not the one questing. It is quite unfair, but that is why there is a such a strong young adult section in bookstores now that focuses on young women being the hero. I suggest pretty much anything by Tamora Pierce as an example.

16. Do table fairies really exist?
Nope, someone else ate the doughnut. Not a fairy, someone sitting at the table or in the building when you went to “freshen up.”

17. If said table fairies are real, should I feel wrong for killing them in droves when I was between the ages of 5 and 12 just to spite my grandmother?
You can rest assured, no table fairies were harmed during your pre-teen murderous rages. However, you are the reason there is such a low population of Lares and Penates.

18. What the hell kinda creature is Cupid?
Cupid is a god

19. Santa's elves: slaves or willing helpers?
Slaves. Turns out Santa is an ass

20. What's the difference between Orc, Goblin, and Troll?
Depends on the storyteller. You will have to be more specific in comments. Are we dealing with Middle Earth, are we looking at D&D, are we in Azeroth? You gotta give me more info.

To Recap:
Things are busying up at work currently
Alas, I do not see the trend continuing
Little Man has the memory of an elephant
My left shoulder is killing me
Which is odd since my right shoulder is the bad one
Stupid exercising
Wifey’s blogaversary was April the 5 th
I didn’t do anything for it
She is upset that I didn’t mention that we started dating 12 years ago on Saturday
Sorry, Happy Belated Blogaversary
Oh, and happy 12th Anniversary of our Going Out