Siddhartha Pentalagus Furnessi Gautama

I unfortunately am not that familiar with Eastern philosophies so please bear with my ignorance. I am aware that many systems of faith have a renewal ritual associated with them that takes place in the spring. It seems that the one that is most celebrated in the US, a decidedly western culture, is not the only renewal ritual that associates with a bunny.

Much to my mother-in-law’s chagrin, Little Man was adamant that he should not thank the “Easter Bunny” for his Easter basket. He should instead give his laud to the “Eastern Bunny.”
Yes, the “Eastern Bunny.”

The Zen Lapin hid eggs filled with serenity and then hopped down the eight fold path to nirvana.

Thanks Eastern Bunny, Bock! Bock!

To recap:
The Eastern Bunny bestowed gifts of non-extremes to Little Man
Little Man liked them… but not too much
He left Little Man a train Now that train is constantly by is side
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions is the continuation of last weeks
It will be an extravaganza of questionessihood