20 Questions Tuesday: 39 - Colors (part 2)

I was surprised yesterday when I delved into my 20 Questions directory in Outlook yesterday and I did not have enough questions in the cupboard. I thought that I had some questions lying around. I was wrong. I was woefully short on color questions. So thanks this week go to Dustin, Nadolny, Atmikha, Lord Pithy, Ksig, and Wifey.

On to the questions:

1 Why are swear words referred to as "colorful" language? Does that imply that non-swear words are color-less?
I prefer the term “crude” instead of “colorful.” I am not really sure as to why they are referred to as “colorful language, but they sure as heck are. I think it does insinuate that lack of swearing is the equivalent of color-less or dull language. I find this to be in error, because when one does not rely on swear words for their anger the language is typically much more descriptive. Metaphor and hyperbole work much more effective than swearing.

2 How come now one decorates in mauve anymore?
'Cause they shouldn’t have in the first place

3 If Green is the new Black, then what is the new Green?
Oddly it is more green

4 Red Roses or Yellow Tulips?
I like both but find the tulips more pleasing to me.

5 What is the dominant color of your clan's tartan?
Hunter Green

6 Why do you think people have favorite colors?
Why do people have favorite anythings? Color is a very subjective set of ideas. Some find bright vivid colors to be very invigorating and affirming. While others find them garish and overpowering. Taste is in the eye of the beholder.

7 The Color Purple is the first movie I remember with Oprah. I actually liked her in that, but in nothing since. One thing I don’t remember, why the hell was it called The Color Purple?
Honestly, this movie is not my bag. Wifey is all over this book and movie. Word on the street is that purple symbolizes hope.

8 If feeling sad has you singing the blues, and feeling angry has you seeing red, what color is the feeling you get on Friday afternoon?
A happy yellow with splashes of orange highlights.

9 Say the company decides to remodel, and your input is requested as to your future office (not cubicle). What color scheme do you suggest?
Cool kind of sagey cucumbery green and khaki. Then the accent colors in the office could be jewel tones or savory colors. Who did I kill to actually get an office?

10 Black and white or sepia?

11 Light red is pink, light yellow is cream, why doesn't light blue have its own word?
Cerulean, but try teaching that one to a 3.6 year old

12 Black and gold, red and silver, French blue and taupe, Sage green and ....what?

13 If, as Skittles suggests, you can taste the rainbow, what flavors would you ascribe to infra-red and ultra-violet?
Infra-red would have to be peppermint while ultra-violet would be licorice.

14 Cornflower blue?

I know WTF?

15 If you were God of a world, how would you change the current color scheme of nature?
There would be more metallic colors just because I like reflections.

16 Why do humanoid aliens in the original Star Trek universe with different-colored skin have such glossy flesh?
Matte paint is difficult to get out of the pores. Ummm… I mean, “I don’t know.”

17 If oranges were poop-brown, would we have come up with a more creative name? Or would you start each morning with a big glass of poop-brown juice?
Mocha Latte anyone? I would have to say we would not have named the fruit poop-brown, but we would more likely have re-named the color, “poop-brown,” to orange. Then when we had the “oranges” no one would want to know.

18 Black & Tans. Great combination or not enough of either to make you happy?
Oddly a black and tan is the perfect combination.

19 Why is Robin’s Egg Blue and Lime Green the current color scheme (Don’t insult your lovely wife when you answer this)?
There is typically a predominantly blue color scheme that is always in vogue. At one time (80's) kountry blue was quite the rage. Hopefully Robin's Egg will stand the test of time longer.

20 What is your favorite color name for a person?
Blue or Gray although I like Azure as well.

To recap:
Wifey is heading to a conference on Thursday
I will be bacheloringt it until Sunday
With Little Man
On my own
For 3 nights
By myself
I am afraid
I am very afraid