Weak and Tight

I am getting old. Yep, I am old.

How do I know that I am old? Well, it is pretty easy for me to tell.

You see, about 3 weeks ago, I started noticing some leg pain in my right hip. It would start out soon after I got to work and only go away after I had been home for a while. I could not trace the source of this achy pain. It was quite annoying. It didn’t bother enough to keep me from exercising. In fact I was able to increase my pace regularly on the elliptical and up my weights. The ache just did not seem to go away. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It seemed that once my day really started to get going, my right hip just started to ache, and it wasn’t until my day was done and I was dressed for bed (yes, I dress for bed you naughty people) that the hip stopped bothering me. Lather, rinse, repeat. Day in day out for nigh on 3 weeks my hip was killing me slowly.

OK, before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am not about to announce I have a tumor a la everyone wifey knows at the moment. No tumors here… of which I am aware.

OK, back to my story of agedness. I realized one fine morning as I sat down to drive me car to work that in that moment my hip started to ache. In fact, all day long I noticed that my hip really hurt more whilst I was seated. On the drive home I took out my wallet and placed it on the passenger seat of the car.


My hip magically stopped aching. My days are now brighter and less full of Advil. Before anyone thinks my wallet is all plush phat with the Benjamins, I want to remind all of you that as a cartographer I am not living high off the hog with massive amounts of cashola in my pockets… /begin chest thumping: not that I don’t bring home the bacon, cause you know I bring it to tha house old skool. /end chest thumping. Turns out my wallet was really not that full of anything. I did do some minor wallet clean-up but only found 3 cards that were not everyday useful. I rarely if ever have cash on me. I only have 1 credit card other than my bank card. I have the keyless card entry for my work. I have a grocery rewards program card, 3 insurance cards, and about 6 pictures of Little Man. All in all, it was not a super fatty wallet. The issue is that I have weak and tight hips that do not like bending, flexing, or torsion… and I am slowly getting older… day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second…

To recap:
Thanks this weekend to ACW, KW, Nadolny, R, M and D, and Wifey for all your help this weekend getting the new slide out of the garage for Little Man
He absolutely loves the thing
He really likes the sandbox under it more than anything at the moment
Special thanks to Popo for helping to disassemble the monstrosity 3 weeks ago in the cold and snow
I owe you all
Popo, even more
Tomorrow is the continuation of the 20 Questions Tuesday’s Color topic
A glorious time will be had by all in the writing and the reading of the post