R: 18 of 26

Today’s installment of the Random Alphabet of SRH is the letter R. The 18 th letter of the English alphabet is a very useful letter. It is used very extensively within the English language. In fact I used it 8 times in the thirty-four words of the above three sentences and four (now five) times in this sentence alone. It is truly an indispensable letter of our modern language.

R: Big R, Little r, Rosy Robin Ross. Rosy’s going riding on her red rhinoceros.

One would think that with the Letter R being soooooo darn useful that I could come up with some word that starts with R to help illustrate to you, the anonymous reader, a better sense of who I am. The truth is that I am not that bright and I am having trouble thinking of an R-word. So, I am going to open a dictionary to the “R’s” and pick a word at random. From the Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary published waaaay back in 1988.

regardant \ri·‘gärd·ənt\ adj {MF, prp. of regarder} (1500) : looking backward over the shoulder – used of a heraldic animal

Heraldic?!? Heraldic? Okay, maybe I need to look in a more recent dictionary before the next word chosen is “rampant”. One the has the word Internet in it. The best I could find is a dictionary from 1999, The Randomhouse Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (yes, Internet is in it).

rhe·tor·ical (ri tôr’i kél, -tor’-), adj. 1. used for mere effect. 2. marked by or tending to use bombast. 3. of, concerned with, or being rhetoric [1470—80; L (us) (Gk rhētorikós) + -AL] – rhe·tor’i·cal·ly, adv.

Yeah, I think that one will work. That one will work quite nicely. For today R is for Rhetorical. Tomorrow…. A different story

Now after I read the definition (the official definition, not the one that I had in my head from contextual clues left strewn about in the English language) of rhetorical it came to mind that most of this blog is all about the rhetorical. I typically do not write about anything of import on this here blogarooney. This blog is an exercise in writing for me. I use this platform to blather on about various nothings and very rarely touch upon anything profound or meaningful. I also tend toward the bombast, but, really, when one can tend toward bombast, shouldn’t one?

There are enough blogs out there that attempt to be more political, spiritual, or controversial than I do, and some are really really good ones at it. I do not have the time or the energy necessary to do the research necessary to appropriately write a political blog. I am not nearly spiritual or religious enough to have an uplifting spiritual blog. And without blogging about current events or politics or religion, controversy is typically minimized. I can live with that.

I like my blog to be a refuge from the politics and religion of the real world. I like to use this space for a little homespun inanity and from time to time, I want to inform the public at large about the comings and goings of Little Man and our trials and tribulations associated with his existence. These trials and tribulations take the form of asthma, food allergies, pre-school, childcare, vampire bears (I am telling you, "You, dear reader, should fear these fearsome beasts."), Yetis, etc…

So, basically, this blog is full of bombastic statements and unanswerable questions regarding nothing. There could be worse things. There could be worse things indeed.

To recap:
Still juggling those last 2 tasks
Little Man and I are watching a soccer game tonight for his bed-time ritual
I am really looking forward to it
He does not know about it yet
Left-overs for dinner
Although we do not have any left-overs for adults
There is a good bit of Orange Rice in the fridge, but if I go near that, there is a good chance I could lose a hand
And I need my hands
The both of them
"Strewn" is not used nearly enough in everyday language
Neither is "Yard Gnome"
The yard gnomes were strewn across the lawn like so many discarded fish.
I feel better now
My heart goes out to ZingerZapper
She knows why
Sending positive thoughts your way, Chicka
The only two off-line dictionaries I could find were 19 and 8 years old, respectively
That is just plain pitiful
Have a great weekend everyone