2 Things

Three things:

Thing the first: It is Wifey’s birthday today, so if you have not already expressed birthday wishes to her, please do so now. She loves her some comments. That being said, if you leave her a birthday wish, leave a comment here as well, for I too love the comments. For her birthday Little Man got her a blender so she can make her “smoothbies.” I am not sure why the extra “b” is added, but it is, so you have to kind of deal with it and move on. He was very excited to get her a present for the birthday. So excited that he was chomping at the bit to drag his sick self (more on this later*) to “The Target Store” for the birthday present buying trip. He made me buy a purple motif-ed wrapping paper because he wanted to give her a “purple present.” He is particular like that. She really likes the new blender, and I am sure that many a smoothie will be constructed with it.

I got her a Japanese Steakhouse dinner, a night of shopping, and some kitchen shears used in making chopped salads more chopped salady-er. She has yet to use the shears, but enthused to do so. I am sure that salad will be on the menu this week. She got herself a present, but it has not come in as of yet, so I will not spoil any surprise there.

Thing the second: Or *later: Yes, Little Man is ailing again and therefore on the Orapred. On Thursday he was a bit snotty, Friday he was in the throws of a cold, and on Saturday is breathing went south. So, we are on Orapred again. It is not soooo bad as it has been because the dosage is relatively the same as when he was a 20 pounder. He has more than a 3 rd more body mass to spread the Orapred side effects around in. He is still ouchy and grouchy and quick to unhappiness, but he is not nearly as nutso as he was when the stuff really whacked him out of his mind. He will be riding the Orapred highs and lows until Thursday morning when it all comes crashing down.

Thing the third: I only have 2.

To recap:
Much sleep was lost Saturday
I am tired of giving breathing treatments
Little Man is really tired of getting them
Orapred tastes horrible
It is the aftertaste that gets you
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday is the continuation of Sound