20 Questions Tuesday: 40 - Sound, part 1

Today’s 20 Questions is all about sound. I figured that it was time to go through the senses. Next week will be about sound part 2 because I got a boat load of questions that need answered from my fine bevy of folk asking questions. I still need a few more for next week, so if anyone wants to step up to the plate, go ahead.

Today’s questions come from ACW, Lord Pithy, Dustin, Dr Clean, and Belsum for your questions. Dr B-Dawg, Wifey, and Jay, I will answer yours next week. Thanks guys, you guys make the blog better.

On to the questions:

1. Can we travel the speed of sound in water? Is there a "speed of sound" in thin atmospheres - like the moon?
Part 1: We have not been able to generate a vehicle that can travel the speed of sound in water. In salt water the speed of sound is even higher so it is even more unlikely to break that barrier as well. (For the actual speeds see Question 3)

Part 2: The issue with thin atmospheres
is that sound does not travel far, so it has relatively no speed. In all practical sense there is not any sound in extremely thin atmospheres.

2. What is the speed of sound in water?
Fresh water: 1498 m/s, 3351 mph, Mach 4.5+
Salt water: 1531 m/s, 3425 mph, Mach 4.6+
Assuming near sea level at a constant temperature.

3. What do the voices in your head sound like?

Alvin and the Chipmunks. In my head Theodore is a jerk.

4. Worst sound to hear at 3:30 a.m.
Your kid fall out of bed. Sure this happened at 9:53 last night, but I assume it would sound just as bad at 3:30am.

5. How did Ping-Pong get its name when the sound is clearly Thtock-Thtack?
I have no idea. This really is a conundrum that I had not even remotely thought of before. Before your question I felt that “ping-po
ng” was a perfectly apt name, but now I find it hard to hear and distasteful to my delicate ears.

6. Best sound: rain falling on a tin roof at night, or: "Time for dinner." Which sound do you find more comforting, rain on a window pane or bacon frying in a pan?
Put them all together and you have heaven.

7. If chocolate were an animal, what sound would it make when wounded?
The sound of stampeding chocoholics. Yes, chocoholics stampede.

8. If a groom-to-be has nightmares about stuffing wedding invitations and whimpers in his sleep and the bride to be hears is, does she smile and chuckle maniacally to herself?
Yes, yes she does. She also uses it against your wussy self later.

9. What is the current ring tone on your cell phone?
It is called “ascending” but not “ass-ending.”

10. What does a Yeti's mating call sound like?

It burns the ears. It burns, it does.

11. When I was little, I'd try and imitate sounds I heard around me (birds, dogs, the ice cream truck, etc.), does Little Man do this?
All the time. He usually begins his imitations with {item} says: and then the sound (with a “long a” not a “short a”, much more of a “sais” than a “says”)
For example:
Train sais eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

12. What is the sound of one hand clapping?
**Slap!** (or if you arte an old skool Chappelle fan, "Slap BISH!")

13. 12" Powered Subwoofer...necessary or just a guy thing?
Women tend to not need to feel the explosions associated with action movies, so I would have to say, “Yup, that is a cool as hell thing that only guys care about.” That being said, this was a gross overgeneralization. I am sure there is an
audiophile female out there (audiophilly?) out there that needs to feel the sonic thump.

14. If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there, does it still make a sound? Yes, just because no one is there to experience it does not mean it does not happen. For instance did I have the capacity for a romantic relationship in high school? Yes. Did anyone experience that capacity? No… great now I’m gonna cry…

15. When folks talk about a strange food (snake, croc, etc...) they often say "It tastes like Chicken." Is there a similar quote for sound?

I could not find one. I think it is due to our generalization of tastes and how there really is a finite set of tastes since there is a finite amount of taste receptors on the tongue. Sounds are infinite due to the nature of wavelength and amplitude and stuff.

16. If the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, what starts with a
single sound?
A symphony

17. Why is a “sound” also a body of water?
It comes from and Olde English word, “sund” meaning “to swim,” and has nothing to do with the independently derived auditory definitions which hale from the Latin word “sonus.”

18. What classic sci-fi sound do you randomly hear most often in your every day life?

The men’s bathroom downstairs on the other side of the building thrums like the ambient noise in the on station shots for DS-9. Co-worker trekkies, can you back me up on this one?

19. Tone vs Pitch: Can you hear the difference?
At one point I could, now I have difficulty separating silence from noise….
SHUT IT, THEODORE! YOU ARE SUCK A JERK!!!!Editted 12-21-2007: Better version since so many people are coming here for the pic of Theodore.

20. Sound as a pound. What else is sound?
The sleep of a 3.5 year old when you need then awake. Some people’s reasoning is sound. It is difficult to come up with examples because I can always think of exceptions.

Sound as a pound, not like a dollar.

To recap:
The allergies are acting up again
Time to get prescription strength allergy medicine now
Little Man was reacting to something last night and we have no idea what
He had to take the dreaded “pink medicine” or as we refer to it Benadryl
He hates that stuff
But it does make him feel better
He fell out of bed last night
It was scary and took some unconscious effort on his part
I hurts to think that The Chipmunks were based on the theories of Freud
If Dave had had a girl-friend, I am sure that Alvin, Simon, and Theodore would have offed him in his sleep and started dry humping his girlfriend’s leg
Does the above statement make me a bad person?