10 Things

10 Things from the weekend.

Thing the first: Little Man was tired of me by this weekend

Most often heard phrases from Little Man from Thursday night on through Sunday afternoon.

Where Mama?
When Mama home?
Mama be back in the morning?
Mama home soon?
Is Mim coming over?
No, I stay with Mim today.

Thing the second: Wifey is still exhausted from the weekend

It seems that a conference that starts at 7 am and does not finish until 8-9 pm is “tiring,” especially when the conference is all about having difficult conversations. Add to her weariness the fact that she then went to have drunken conversations with folk afterward. Throw into the mix her slumber party-esque late night conversations with ZingerZapper and her inability to deal with a rather minor “sleep debt.” The final result is a woman who goes to sleep Sunday night at 7 pm even though she hadn’t seen her family in 3.5 days.

Thing the third: Fulham Football Club is stinking up the joint

They just should not be in the relegation battle. They should be a mid-table team not a bottom feeder. No wins in the last 10 games begs to differ with me. Volz? WTF??!?!?

Thing the fourth: The Crew finally win one

Sure they had to rely on a 87 year old full-back to put it in, (I am looking at you forwards!) but a win is a win is a win. And maybe we should look at killing the clock when there is less than 10 minutes of play left guys. That corner with 15 minutes left should have been a look at goal.

Thing the fifth: Yeah, I just gave out 2 soccer references

I like soccer, what can I say?

Thing the sixth: I have a hard time sleeping without Wifey there

It just is not comfortable without her there. She has a sleeping presence, while snorty, that is quite comfortable and absolutely necessary for my own sonorous slumber.

Thing the seventh: I am completely unmotivated to do stuff

I mean anything. This weekend I had plenty of “opportunity” to do laundry, clean, etc… of which I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nada.

Thing the eighth: California Piza Kitchen is a Mimma and Little Man thing

I went to CPK with Mim and Little Man on Saturday, and I have never ever felt so much like a 5 th wheel. They have their experience there down to a science and I was not a welcome addition. Really, I think it would have been better for all involved had I NOT been there. I am saying this from the stand point of finding it absolutely hilarious. Poor poor Mim, I was not allowed help him even a little bit, even when I was done eating he would not let me help him. CPK is their thing.

Thing the ninth: I am rather tired of Orange Rice

Friday night was our weekly installment of Orange Rice. IT is something that we have nearly every week. I am soooooo tired of it. This time I made it with ground turkey and Penzy’s “Buttermilk Ranch Dressing” mix. There is no dairy in it and it ranches things up really nicely. I know those are minor twists, but it needed a twist. I wish we could start spacing the meal out more than weekly and at most bi-weekly, but Little Man loves it and that really is all that matters.

Thing the tenth:
I am surprised I made it to nine

Really, I usually struggle to think of 3 things that happened over the weekend. The fact that I came up with a solid 8 and a weak 10 is pretty amazing.

To recap:
I have work I am completely ignoring right now
I have non-work stuff that I am completely ignoring right now
Basically I am all about the ignoring right now
La la la la la I’m not listening!!!
Where was I?
Oh Yes, recapping
Ummm, noty much to recap about
Tomorrow’s 20 questions will be about sound
It should be good
I know I am looking forward to it
No really
If it means not doing stuff I am supposed to be doing
Zinger Zapper asked Wifey to "feel her tumor" this weekend
She never asks me to "feel her tumor"