20 Questions Tuesday: 44 - A Hodge Podge, a Mish Mash, a Potpourri, if you will

Today’s 20 Questions Tuesday is a hodge podge, a mish mash, a potpourri, if you will. The reason for this a-topical 20 Questions? Well, I did not email people for questions yesterday. I sent out an emergency call for questions this morning and was pleased with the responses I got.

Thanks this week (A very hearty thanks, by the way) go out to ACW, Belsum, Allrileyedup, the Em, and Ksig.

On to the questions:

1. Why does modern man believe that he can build anywhere? (coastal plans along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, hillsides in So Cal?) Have we lost touch with nature?
It is not that man has lost touch with nature, it is that the places that are prone to major catastrophic events tend to be the more panoramic places with the best soils for agriculture.

2. What does it mean when both cars have over 100K miles?
Time for a new car, or that you have spent around $13,000 on gas (assuming an average of 30 mpg and an average gas price of $2.00).

3. Is Little Man into the F1 series of locomotives?
Little Man is not too fond of steam locomotives. They are not what he sees when he goes to the railroad crossing to watch trains. He is into the diesels.

4. Do you like to take your birthday off work?
Yes, yes I do. It is my own personal holiday for reflecting and introspection.

5. What did you get men (Belsum) for my birthday on Thursday?
I was not aware it was your birthday on Thursday. I will have to look into what gifts would be appropriate.

6. Last year was my Golden Birthday. When was yours? Did you do any extra celebration?
Mine was in 1995, and I didn’t even know that it was “golden” at the time. Could have been a heckuva party.

7. It’ll be a full moon on my birthday. Do you pay attention to moon phases at all?
Not in the least.

8. Twice in elementary the last day of school fell on my birthday. Is there possibly a better present for a kid?
Well, there’s… nope, that isn’t as nice. Or there is… that’s not as nice either. Ummmm… nope, that really is the best present a grade-schooler could have.

9. Which is worse--living along an earthquake fault, living on a coastal bluff subject to mudslides, living in a fire hazardous area with only one road out, or living in a hurricane disaster area?
Earthquakes happen along a geological time frame, so it is not as risky as one might think. Don’t get me wrong, when they go, they go big, but in overall risk assessments, it is pretty weak. There are things one can do to mitigate the fire hazard associated with one’s domicile. Granted, in a real firestorm, there is not much that you can do, but in a run of the mill wild fire, you could shore up most of your possessions and easily survive. Hurricanes take a looooong time to make landfall. There is a pretty good amount of warning that is given before those guys make landfall. Therefore, one could save themselves fairly easily, as for property? You can replace property. I would say coastal bluff prone to mudslides. If the area is truly unstable, then it is only a matter of time before you get the slump.

10. When living in Alabama, which was the worst hurricane experience for you?
Since I was in Birmingham, which is pretty far inland, Hurricanes were pretty much just massive rainstorms by the time they got to us. Our worst storms were spring cold fronts sweeping in from Mississippi. Those bad boys could be all sorts of nasty: tornadoes, straight line wind, lightning, hail.

11. What is the difference between a tsunami and a tidal wave?
Tsunamis are associated with geological events (volcanoes, earthquakes, etc…). Tidal waves are a misnomer that should be referred to as tsunamis. The Japanese deal with these things all the time. I think they deserve to give them their global name.

12. High heels--naturally hazardous to one's feet or a beautiful accessory?
I understand the appeal of high heels. What is not to understand? They add height, lengthen the leg, thrust the breasts forward, and push the butt back. That being said, I don’t like them because of the long term physical damage one can get by frequent use. I have plead with Wifey about no longer getting significantly raised heels.

13. Do have an emergency preparation kit at home?
Nope. Should I? Most definitely. I plan on us surviving on the weak if there is a disaster in Columbus.

14. What do you think the best state to live in would be (overall)?
Hmmm… I love me some Colorado, but there are many states I have not been to, so I think pronouncing a “best state” would be a bit premature.

15. Would you prefer drowning or freezing to death?

16. Why is it that people comment on what you are wearing no matter how dressy or casual it is? It's like no matter what you wear it's not right. Okay, maybe this question was more about me (the Em) than you, but you had better answer it correctly.

17. Why do some people enjoy running so much....they'd rather just run than run while playing some sort of sport...don't they get bored?
I have no idea. Running is not an activity that I can get behind. Some people can get into a kind of meditative state whilst running. I just constantly think about how much I have left before I can stop.

18. What's your favorite flower? Do guys have a favorite? Would you like it if Wifey ever got you flowers instead of the usual other way around...the guy buying flowers for the lady?
For my undergrad graduation, Wifey got me flowers. I was truly and honestly touched. That being said, I do not really have a favorite flower.

19. If you were walking down the street and someone “served” you, what moves would you pull out of the kilt? And what dance would you close the dance-off with? And don’t chicken out with some lame answer about running away or not retaliating to ‘ you got served’. I want dance move names so I can picture it mentally.
Hmmm… you have me at a disadvantage. I am not knowledgeable in the terms of dancing. I will try to give you a good picture. If someone served me on the street, I would most likely be wearing a kilt, so anyone who steps up to this shit needs to beware. I think I would have to start with a traditional 6-step. I gots to get my momentum goin’, dawg. I think some swipes would be in order, straight into a wushu with a front flip directly into a set of broncos. Once the broncos are done, I am all over the flares. My flares are money. For the finale, I would do a front back flip, front fall and end it with an airchair. Cause that’s how fly I am, shiiiii.

20. You grew up in ‘Bama (Crimson Tide/Auburn Tigers) and now live in C-Bus (OSU Buckeyes). I realize you are not a football fan (and don’t give me the bs about soccer being football) but what are the major differences between the 2 (schools,fans,cities,etc…) towards football?
Alabama does not have ANY professional sports, therefore college football is the surrogate. Sure, sure, Columbus doesn’t have an NFL team, so the Central Ohioans treat OSU like a pro-team, but the ENTIRE state of Alabama lives through their 2 schools. There really is very little comparison about the rabidness of Alabamian football fanatics. They truly are the fundamentalists of football. Another key difference is that OSU does not have an in state rival. OSU’s biggest rivalry is with Michigan. Michigan’s biggest rivalry is with Michigan State. Therein lies the problem.

To Recap:
Little Man now has a bed with a slide on it
Who doesn’t want a bed with a slide on it?
I would have loved a bed with a slide on it
Columbus’s original name was Wolf Ledges
We would have soooo many professional sports teams if that were our town’s name still
Who wouldn’t be afraid of the Wolf Ledges Alphas or the Wolf Ledges Loup-Garous
It was one busy weekend
Busy with stuff top show for it
But not enough stuff to warrant how busy it was
I think it is time to turn on the air conditioning
Little Man might be done with the daily nebulizer!
I am going to type that again for emphasis
Little Man might be done with the DAILY NEBULIZER!!!
And his peanut allergy is actually getting better
He had an allergist appointment this morning
It went very well
Wifey and I are happy