Unbidden Memories

Looking back on childhood is not always a good thing. Reminiscing about idyllic days gone by can be a dangerous past time. Sometimes these un-bidden childhood memories slam into your consciousness without any warning. They wistfully take you back to a time when you had more free-time and less responsibility, or they bring about flashbacks of trauma survived by younger versions of ourselves. These unexpected memories of times past can be powerful and strangely emotive, or they can be analytically detached and emotionally devoid. It really depends on the memories called up and the person remembering. It is strange to see someone going through this process. They have a far away look in their eyes sometimes with a serious expression or a slight smile curling their lips. Their heads are slightly cocked at an angle. They seem to be looking over the horizon at lives past. It is fascinating to see this process. It is wonderful to see humanity remember itself and relive those feelings of lost youth.

At least that is what the driver next looked like he was doing this morning while he was slowly drifting into my lane on my daily commute to work. Come on, Chuck*, quit thinking about your childhood pet Mr. Snugglesworth** and start driving again! This time try not to inadvertently kill your fellow motorists with your inability to focus on the task at hand. Focus, Chuck! Focus!

To Recap:
Look, there’s 2 hobbits
Hobbitsies are trixie!
I am all about believing in its butteryness
You are not supposed to run with scissors, but what if it is a hair emergency?
What if someone needs those scissors 2 rooms away, right NOW!
“Needs!” I says, “NEEDS!!!”
Why, as a child was I encouraged to run with a stapler
It was always, “Don’t forget your stapler,” and “get the lead out, that stapler isn’t going to be in the kitchen in time if you don’t hurry up”
That damn stapler and that helmet they made me wear….
I just told you guys too much, didn’t I?
Hmmmm… disregard this recap
These are not the droids you are looking for
kkksskt - These are not the droids we are looking for
We can go about our business
kkksskt - You can go about your business
Move along
kkksskt - Move along, move along

*Just guessing at a name here. He looked like a “Chuck."
**Just assuming with a name like Chuck that the pet's name would be similarly dorky***.
***Wow, I just made a value judgement on the merits of someone's potential name. I am shallow.