B: 2 of 26

Today’s installment of the Random Alphabet of SRH is not really all that random. I mean, come on, when I decided to do all 26 letters on Thursday’s and my birthday is on a Thursday. It only makes sense that Today’s letter is the second letter of the English alphabet, B.

Without further ado,

B: Big B, Little b, What begins with B? Barber, baby, bubbles and a bumblebee

Like I said earlier, the serendipity of the whole calendar thingy really made this one an easy one. B is for Birthday.

I have mentioned before that my birthday is bittersweet (here and here), but I am going to attempt to not dwell on this too terribly much because, well, I have covered the topic pretty thoroughly and I really don’t want to become repetitive in my posting repetitive in my posting repetitive in my posting repetitive in my posting repetitive in my posting


Thanks… where was I? Oh yes, today I am going to belabor a point that my previous birthday posts haven’t touched on. Let’s see… ummm… what to write about? What to write? Ummm… some aspect of birthdays and how they have affected my life. Okay here we go, where I was on my Birthday, as far as I can recall.

0 - 2 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3 Moving from Oklahoma City to Montgomery, Alabama. No really that was the day the family was driving to Alabama
4 Montgomery
5 - 17 Birmingham, but nothing remarkable. I know I had the requisite pool party (even though I hated the water), a few themed parties, but nothing sticks out in my mind.
18 I think Capt. McArmypants and I were in Edinburgh, Scotland for that birthday
19 The fateful day that altered my life
20 Kent, Ohio visiting some college friends. We went white water rafting and then had a party
21 I remember absolutely nothing about this day… and I can’t for the life of me think of why this day is completely obliterated out of my psyche
22 I seem to think I was in Columbus, Ohio for this one, but I cannot think of any details surrounding it.
23 I was working at RPS as a loader. This was the summer prior to the nuptials so many a day is blurred with wedding plan details
24 – 30 all in Columbus, Ohio with Wifey
31 Columbus, Ohio just after a trip to Colorado Springs
32 and 33 Columbus, Ohio

Well, that is the listing of birthday locals. All the same birthday angst and emotions apply as in the previous birthday posts, but those survivor guilt feelings and sadness of the loss seem to have been dulled by the passage of time this year.

To Recap:
I am 33
And yet only 14
US v Canada tonight on Fox Soccer Channel
It should be interesting, the US is not playing that great and Canada is
Luckily what seems to through the US out of its game is extremely physical play, and I don’t think the Canucks will come out studs up the entire night
Little Man and I will be watching the first half
Then it is bed-time for the little one
I will be getting some “Birthday Chocolate Chip Cookies” sometime this afternoon lovingly made by Wifey and Little Man
What can I say, the boy really loves baking
Mainly because he like eating the cookie dough
Since he is allergic to eggs, there isn’t any in the dough and he can eat as much of it as he wants
So can Wifey and I
That cookie dough is absolutely sinful
Have a great weekend everyone