3 more things

So I am at home today with Little Man. He is not sick or anything like that. Wifey is out of the country for some more training in her conversation-fu martial art. She is soooo close to getting her black belt in conversation-fu. Anyway, since she is usually home with the little miscreant on Mondays and Fridays and she is away from home until late Saturday night, I have decided to take today off and (workload willing) Friday as well. If I do have to work on Friday, I figure that Little Man is 4, knows how to work the microwave enough to get his chickies warmed up, and does really well playing on his own.

Anyway… Here are some things I have noticed about Little Man recently to get your week off and running.

Thing the first:
He is still quite in love with trains. He is not all that interested in steam engines because they do not really ride the rails these days. He does not like trains that make the proverbial “chugga chugga choo choo” noises. This makes it rather difficult to find a set of “special sheets” for his bed that have trains on it that he actually likes. There are, to my knowledge, no Santa Fe Blue Bonnet or Santa Fe War Bonnet sheets sets out there. This fact makes Little Man a bit sad, and has really taxed my abilities to research stuff on the old Intertubes.

Thing the second:
Little Man’s eating is slowing down somewhat. Instead of him eating 2 whole Burger King hamburgers and taking down a medium fry with that, he now almost finishes his burger and wolfs down most of a small order of onion rings. Instead of the 2.5 pieces of his weekly homemade pizza getting scarfed, he now only consumes about 1 piece. Where as before he would have 3 full sized plates of Orange Rice (this is what he wants for dinner tonight), he now eats a polite 1.5 plates full of the rice casserole. We honestly get worried when he doesn’t eat like he has to fill up a hollow leg, but then we realize that he still eats more than most kindergarten classes combined in any one sitting. That tends to take the edge off. “I wonder, is he feeling OK? He only ate half a box of chicken nuggets.”

Thing the third:
He really cannot name his toys. He has a Giraffe named Brown Giraffe. He has 2 baby dolls named Cabbage and Truck respectively. He gave his stuffed animal lion the name Bumper. He refers to himself as a mouse named Dale, a big tomcat named Whitey, or a big fat yellow kitty named Fluffy. Often when he is playing with a toy that we haven't heard him name, we ask him what the toy's name is just to have a laugh. On a side note: I had always thought that if we ever got more cats that we would name them Ultraman, the Lizard King, and Captain Sisko, but now I am thinking that Little Man should get a shot at it. I would love to have a cat named Dumptruck, CSX, or Lolly Gagging. We will have to wait a while until either Little Man grows out of his cat allergy or the price for one of the hypoallergenic breeds comes down to something reasonable.

To recap:
Wow, Little Man is quite the tired one after his OT appointment
Still not napping though
He is quite content to be humming and clucking to himself in his bed while playing with his feet
Wifey is out until Saturday Night
There is a good chance that by Thursday my post will be incoherent gibberish pleading for Wifey to come home and take this infernal daemon spawn from me
This kid knows what buttons to push, I tells ya!