Just a Recap

To recap:
I think that Little Man is getting a bit tired of me
He is getting a bit cranky and ouchy
He was a bit disappointed in seeing me this morning
I don’t blame him
I must have looked a fright
You see, I am not sleeping well at all
It takes forever for me to fall into a restless sleep
I get waaay more junk email at work than I probably should
Especially since I cannot go to many websites to virtually sign up for the stuff
Right now there are 56 messages in my “Junk Mail” folder
I cleaned that folder out yesterday before leaving work
Little Man tried some faux Monterey Jack and faux Cheddar cheese last night on his tacos
He liked it very much
Ate a handful of the stuff by itself after I grated it up for taco consumption
Then he had some on his taco, so it clearly wasn’t a fluke
The dishwasher has been running almost non-stop since Wifey left
I trimmed Little Man’s toe nails and finger nails last night
He was very patient with the fumbling papa
So, take that nail clipping doubters!
Did I mention I was tired?
Nope, I just said, “I am not sleeping well at all”
To clarify then, I am tired
Quite so even
Mountain Dew is my prop
Still have until Saturday Night for Wifey to get back
Saturday Night’s alright
Ummm… alright, alright?
I have been writing things out today with a pencil on actual paper
My hand is cramping
It really is quite pitiful
My hand is actually hurting
No really
I am hungry and thirsty
Not bloodthirsty mind you
Well, Ok, maybe a little bloodthirsty, but who isn’t?
To mix things up a bit, tonight is going to be a movie night for Little Man
Provided that he is not tooo all dirty
No, not Dirrty, he is only 3.9 years old
Well, I have work that I have been avoiding
I leave you all with a question
And a random one at that
Why can the worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars never intersect?*
I have been watching waay too much geekiness without Wifey at home
Wifey, come home, my grip on sanity is failing…
Please feel free to answer this question in the comments section

* I have an answer, but I will not bias those answers I get by posting mine.