The Power of Blogging

The powers that be have decided that blogs are not appropriate for work use even though there are a myriad of blogs out there that are research and current event motivated. Sure mine isn’t, but that is beside the point. It is a bit tiresome, but this is the second time the company has shut down the availability of blogs.

So, I will have to post from the homestead for the time being. I have already sent in a request to our IT staff to release the “offending domains” from the “forbidden” categories. Aside from the myriad of personal blogs that I frequent, there is also a large population of blogs that I go to for professional purposes. Oddly there are a boat load of mapping blogs, GIS blogs, illustration blogs, branding blogs, etc… There are also a few people out there who have started blogs as a sort of grass-roots sounding board (opposition) to some of the jobs I am currently working on in the transportation planning industry. Since most of my work is associated with the public information portion of these jobs, it is good to see what concerns the general public has so that we can address it in the future. I really do care about my job and attempt to do a good job sometimes. I know, who would have thought the medium used by some people to post a daily picture of their cat could also be a legitimate research platform.

I honestly think that the IT department reloaded the web security software on Friday and forgot to toggle a switch that used to be toggled. So I am having Wifey post this by proxy and I will be posting from home in the evenings for the rest of the week. We will see how that works for a while. I might have to relax my 4 days a week posting policy, but then again, they might also re-open the restricted domains.

I hope to have a 20 Questions Tuesday ready for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

--The Management

To recap:
It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Little Man just absolutely loves that
He makes us watch it at least three times a day
Thanks a bunch, Riley!
Weekend was nice
I am having a hard time getting motivated today
I actually look forward to posting and getting reactions to posts
Well, I have some public information pieces to do concerning a major industrial complex
I wish I could see what is being said about that job on the Internet right now