Unforeseen power outage

The power went out at the office today when I had a pretty evil deadline to keep ahold of. Sure the power was only off for about 1.5 to 2 hours, but that was enough time to knock me off a delicately balanced schedule. I am not 1.5 hours down and about to go pick up Little Man from G-Ma D’s and G-Pa R’s. I will have to mea culpa to the PM and get everything to him before lunch tomorrow.

Unforeseen power outages suck.

To Recap:
I am insanely busy today
This is the digital painting I was working on
It goes to this fictional character on this rarely updated blog
I am hoping to start it updated more frequently, but the rest of the authors and I are in the midst of re-tooling a little bit
Most likely orange rice for dinner
I am tired of orange rice
More alphabet of SRH tomorrow