20 Questions Tuesday: 51 - Jobs and/or Employment

Since yesterday’s post was abjectly not about work, I have determined that today’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be about Jobs and/or Employment. Thanks this week go to Lsig (technical and marketing writer), Dustin (chump, professional chump), Themikestand (G-man [economist]), Allrileyedup (at home mother slash writer [does that mean you write “slash fiction?}], and Peefer (an M.E. if I remember correctly).

On to the questions:

1. Your least favorite job?
One summer I had some contract work where I placed thermocouples in test sights for a Georgia Electric power pla
nt in Rome, Georgia efficiency test. There were room I was in that were around 139° F (59.45° C) yeee-uck

2. At a job interview, I was once asked what the most horrible job I could image would be. How would you answer that? (Mine was wrangling free-range chickens. I went for the comedy).
At a job interview? That is a tough one. My natural inclination is to go with “Assistant Crack Ho.” Then you aren’t even a crack ho yet.

3. Would you rather have a boring job with people you like, or an interesting, challenging job with people you tolerate?
Either would be better than what I m doing right now… Oh, I forgot many a colleague of mine read this. What I meant to say was that I already have a challenging job where I am surro
unded by extremely interesting co-workers.

4. What makes for a good boss?
When they give good raises.

5. Is it true that you can do any job (no matter horrible) for a month?

6. Honestly, does what kind of paper you print your resume on really make that big a difference?
In today’s electronic age, I am not entirely sure if paper is really all that necessary.

7. What kind of job/career do you think that Little Man will grow up to have?
Hmmmm… a well paying one, dammit! I want him to buy me a life of luxury.

8. Are there people who get paid to surf the net all day?
Yep, they are not paid much though

9. When you were 12, what was your dream job? C'mon, really. It was working in a record store, wasn't it?
At 12? Comic Book Artist!

Dr Doom!

10. Crystal ball, here. What will your last job (i.e. if you're semi-retired) be?
Bank heist, I swear it will be he la
st one! I am going straight after this job.

11. Hypothetical question: You're running a business which fabricates those little metal eyelets that get put on shoes through which shoelaces pass. What is your business called?
Hyothetical answer: Eyes Without a Face.

12. Since you mentioned it, what is the difference between jobs and employment?
There are many jobs that people have even if they are not employed. Employment typically is remunerated with so
me sort of monetary amount.

13. Is micromanagement ever necessary?
In some instances it is. When an employee has tons of potential but very little follow through. It might be necessary to step on their neck until they learn how to do it themselves.

14. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that teachers are not paid enough? How about athletes being paid too much?
Sadly, I think that the market forces are paying what the market will bear. The issue with teacher salaries as well as social work salaries a well as most non-profit salaries is that the people doing those jobs are doing it because that is the job they would be doing no matter what. That is why society can get away with paying them shit. I teacher were paid as much as medical doctors there would be a glut of teachers that want a paycheck instead of teaching. People and sponsors shell out the money for athletes. If people think they should not make so much, they should stop supporting them.

15. If you were a Jedi, what would be your position/duties (eg: Wookie Liason)?
If there were 2 schools of Jedi-dom (The Jedi School of Kicking-Ass and The School of Taking Names) I would want to be a part of the ass kickers, but sadly I would be part of the name takers.

16. Have you ever had a crush on and/or dated a co-worker? If so, did it affect your work?

17. What is the laziest, least-disciplined, most unproductive work day
you have ever experienced?
15 May 2006.

18. In Venn diagram speak, does your set of work friends and your set of real friends intersect? ("Real friends" being those with whom you might watch a movie or TV until 1am. Or fart in front of.)

19. Total mg of caffeine per day?

20. Have you ever photocopied your bum?

To Recap:
I am tired
Everyone in the family has a cold
So so tired
Tomorrow I will post on something inane
I promise
Silver shoes must be worn with socks
Summer TV really sucks
I mean really