So today was a busy day at work. I had to create 3 graphics from scratch by the end of business today. I got 2 of the 3 done, so at least I have that going for me. But this blog’s purpose is not to bore you good readers with details of my laborious vocation. Nay, the reason for this blog is to bore you good readers with details of my rather mundane non-work life. And bore you I shall.

On Friday of last week nothing happened. That’s right. Nothing. This leads me to tell you about Friday night where all the fun (loosely and ill-defined) occurred. Now before any of you go on thinking dirty thoughts, this story is about Little Man and his coughing. On Thursday of last week Little Man’s breathing started to be sporadically disrupted by coughing. He slept pretty well on Thursday night, but Friday night was something else entirely.

Around 11:30 at night Little Man woke up coughing too much to fall to sleep. I rocked him until about 12:30 before the myriad of medications started working on his non-feeble cough. Bored yet? Well, after gingerly laying him down back into his wonderful slide bedecked bed I went to bed to try and get some blessed sleep as well. But I have been having some difficulty getting to sleep, so around 15 games of spider solitaire later I finally drifted off to a fitful sleep of discomfort.

“Discomfort?” you ask? Why yes, dear blog reader, discomfort indeed. Bored yet? Well, give me a second, the story doesn’t really speed up from here. I know there are about 1 of you out there who will push through this boringness, and you will not be rewarded with anything amazing at the end of this post. Just more boredom. I told you my aim is to bore, and bore I will. So, my right hip is hurting as well as my right shoulder. I am getting old and decrepit. But tha ladies still find meh sexay!! So around 2:30 I finally fell to sleep.

Anyway, around 4:00 Little Man coughed himself awake. So we medicate him something fierce again. FYI, I think next time we are medicating him with some scotch. Any recommendations, Themikestand? We are looking for a full bodied scotch that is afordable and consumable in mass quantities by a near 4 year old. Anyway he finally goes back to bed on his own at 5:30. So Wifey and I immediately fell into our blissful slumber. Bored yet? I am and I am writing this crap.

To make a long story short (I missed that one pretty badly, didn’t I?) I took a long long nap on Saturday, and that made me very happy.

To recap:

Naps = goods
Mmmm naps
Today sucked
Tomorrow will suck too
I will be traveling 3.5 hours away and back
That is 7 hours just in a car, not to mention the craptastic meeting I am traveling to
I will have over 26 hours of work under my belt by the time I am done with work tomorrow
Naps = good
Since I am clearly a workaholic, tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be about jobs
I will probably be posting this from home tomorrow night
Deal with it
Sweet Jebus, I just re-read this post and I think I brought the boredom
I brought it in spades