20 Questions Tuesday: 52 - One year Later

This is the first annual anniversary of the weekly 20 Questions Tuesday portion of my blog. That’s right, 52 weeks ago I started this weekly featurette, and I think it has gone pretty well. So today’s topic is kind of a meta topic. Today’s topic is 20 Questions Tuesday. Recursive, isn’t it?

Thanks this week go to Lsig, Belsum, the Em, JA Coppinger, Information Diva, Capt. McArmypants, Tree Monkey, Bomber, Wifey, Sassyfrass, Kim, and Dr B-Dawg.

On to the questions:

1. How many questions do you usually receive for a given 20 Questions Tuesday?
Usually right around 20. Sometimes I get 22, sometimes I get 18

2. What has been your favorite 20 Questions Tuesday topic thus far? What is your favorite 20 question theme from the last 52 weeks? What was your favorite 20 questions subject? Why?
Here is a list:
12 and 13 – Breakfast Cereal

I really like breakfast cereals and have a truly amazing amount of completely useless knowledge about cereals at my beck and call
16 – Wifey

This one was just fun to do
There are other ones that I like as well, but those 3 really stick out in my mind

3. Animal, vegetable, or mineral?
Yes, it is either an animal, a vegetable, or a mineral

4. Bigger than a breadbox?

5. Why is it that everyone assumes a girl knows nothing about anything mechanical?
How old is the girl in question? I mean, if it is a 4 year old girl, I am not going to assume she knows anything about anything other than Dora’s hat size (if she can count that high. Have you seen the size of that cartoon character’s melon? Gigundous!)

6. Why Tuesday and why twenty? Why not the Wednesday six, or Friday eleven? Why is it 20 questions? Why not 14? or 22? Notice, I too, like even (not odd) numbers. Why twenty questions? That is such a clean round number. Is there any significance to it?
There is an immediate reaction to the phrase 20 Questions. Since there is a game of that name, it just seemed to make sense. Post size wise and time/effort wise 10 would have been a better idea.

7. Who was the best FRPG (Fantasy Role Playing Game) character you ever ran and why?
2 that I would have to choose between. Number 1, a Shadowrun elf gun-bunny named Shnüggy-Whompah, deadly, but no npc ever took him seriously because of the name. I ran him for 3 years in a home campaign during college. Number 2, a Masque of the Red Death soldier named Sgt Mjr Sean MacKintosh. I ran him for about 4 to 5 years in one of the RPGA’s “living” campaigns. That campaign ended and now I am creating a char for the Fellowship of the White Star campaign that is just ramping up. (I did the cover art and some of the interior art as well, BTW)

8. “Global Warming,” how much of that is crap?
I would say that about 20% of it is crap. The other 80%? Spot on

9. “Global War on Terrorism,” how much of that is crap?
This is more of a 90/10 , where the 90% signifies the crap.

10. “Wobal Glar,” how much of that is crap?
The first 2 words

11. What are you getting your blog since it’s the year anniversary of 20 Questions? Is it time to redesign the interface? I see Wifey redesigned hers, are you going to step up to the plate and make yours more visually appealing too?
It is definitely time to redesign, I have some ideas mulling about in my head. I think I am going to try and implement them soonish. Let's be clear, I redesigned Wifey’s blog, thank you very much.

12. Have you ever had a negative reaction to a question you are asked? (Shock, dismay, what the ??)
I have only caused controversy with other posts. I don’t think I have greatly offended with answers to a question.

13. Have you ever had to edit out a question because it was too raunchy or controversial?
You have no idea. The people I ask for questions are gutter dwelling porn fiends.

14. What do you know today that you wish you had known last year on July 24, 2006?
Sports scores that I could have bet on.

15. Is there any significance to doing the 20 Questions on Tuesdays?
Not really, I thought it would be a nice break in my 4 days of posting.

16. Now that you are a published artist (if you weren't before), do you have any plans on how to spend the accolades you will receive from your fame? Will you become difficult to deal with in regards to the paparazzi?
Sadly, I am an unpaid published artist, so the paparazzi haven’t really been swarming me as I get in my car.

17. Speaking of the Paparazzi, and yes we are speaking of them, do you feel that stars are justified in hating their guts or do you think the stars should deal with the attention as part of their getting rich off the fans?
I think stars should expect a certain amount of unwanted publicity, but I do think that the paparazzi regularly invades their private space

18. Speaking of fans, and yes we are speaking of fans, not star fans but air moving fans, how many do you have? We have one that works, and 3 ancient looking ones that a kid could loose a hand in (they are out of "reach") that she uses as decoration. Isn't it weird to decorate with fans?
3 ceiling fans, 3 oscillating fans (one is in bad shape), 2 floor fans. If your wife were not associated heavily with a restaurant chain that typically decorates with 40’s and 50’s items, I would find it a bit odd.

19. If the internet did not exist, what would you doing in this spare time?
Not this

20. Since the past year marked the fashionable end of reading, will the blog eventually evolve into a video blog?
There will be no vlogging here. I would not subject anyone to a audi blog or video blog of my inane prattle

To recap:
Page 251 of HP VII
I had to send out a second request for questions today
Only had to do that 2 other times
Would make sense that it occurred on the anniversary
I have 3 things to do today at work
I am avoiding all 3 very actively
Tomorrow is the actual birthday for Little Man, so I have to make another cake tonight
This will be the 3rd cake in 4 days
Everyone is insisting upon a cake
A new cake that hasn’t been gnawed on
Little Man gets the hairs cut this evening
He will look soooooo cute
Have a great day everyone