Birthday Week

This week is Little Man’s birthday week. It seems, as far as Little man is concerned, that his birthday is a weeklong celebration. Since Little man does not deal with large groups of people well, last year we broke up his birthday party into multiple birthday extravaganzas. It went much better than the gigantic party that he had for Year 2’s party. That one completely overwhelmed his little self. All he wanted to do that day was find some quiet.

I think he had a total of 4 birthday celebrations last year, and this year I think we will have the same svelte 4. That seemed to work really well, but Little Man thinks that any and all play dates this week will culminate with him receiving presents. Oh well, it will be hard to disavow him of that notion, and really, I am not sure I want to.

The big issue is that he is 4 years old. How the Hell has this been 4 whole years? I mean really, seem like it was just yesterday that Wifey was technically “great with” Little Man. Now, she is “mediocre at best” with him. Unlike me, I am sub-par with Little Man. I think that is why he devotes so much time into trying to train me. Honestly, I have no idea where the time has gone, I guess near constant sleep deprivation will do that to you. I have a sleep debt that will take until I am 57 years old to pay out, and that is if I don’t accrue any more. I wish there were a way to roll up my sleep debt into my sleep mortgage and refinance to lower my sleep payments. Sadly, there isn’t. Heck, I know if I had some sleep credit, I would just spend it anyway.

In fact this morning, I hit the snooze button on the alarm 3 times without realizing that was what I was doing. It was not until Wifey said (and I misquote) “Stop hitting that Damn snooze button! I will kill you and drink your soul. If you hit snooze one more time I swear I will wear your skin as a blanket! Or at least turn down the volume, you half witted semi-asleep jackass.” It is a loving relationship to say the least.

So far Little Man has made out like a highwayman of yore (not this Highwayman [Jacko as Jetto? WTF?!?!?]). He has many a gift that he is enjoying. Potentially even as I type this. His actual birthday is the Wedneday the 25th of July. So on Wednesday think fondly on the last 4 years, for the world would be a darker nastier place without the shining beacon that is Little Man!

To recap:
Sure today’s post didn’t really come to a “real” conclusion, but I was done
Let's be clear, I often get tired of writing before you get tired of reading
The Highwayman does not really have too many images available on the net
I've been replaced by a pink bunny? WTF, Mate?
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday is the 52nd in the series
For some reason, that is considered to be a big thing on a calendar year
Makes me wonder why I decided to start it up in late July last year
Bizarre timing
Page 176 of HPVII
At this rate we will be done in 8 more days
Blistering pace, I know
It is getting to be time to update the blogarooney’s look and feel