E: 5 of 26

Here we are with the 18th installment of the Random Alphabet of SRH. Today’s letter is a vowel. Today’s letter is the 5th letter of the English Alphabet. Today’s letter is the second letter of the vowel quintet. Today’s letter is E. Today’s letter was chosen via the more scientific method of looking at the remaining 9 letters of the alphabet (E, H, I, J, Q, S, V, Y, Z) and rolling a 10 sided die.
If I rolled a 0 I would roll again. I didn’t roll a 0 though. I rolled a 1. So here we are with E.

E: A, B, C, D, E… e… e… Ear, Egg, Elephant, E… e… E…

E is one of those letters that I was not able to come up with a word immediately upon seeing the letter. Don’t get me wrong, it is an interesting letter linguistically. It can be silent yet affect the sound of a vowel preceding it. It is often associated with the ubiquitous schwa sound. The long version of its own vowel sound requires the letter to be a part of a vowel laden diphthong. Odd letter, that E. Upon further introspection the aspect of SRH-iness that came to mind with E was Either.

At its basic point either is about choice. One can do either this or this or this or this. One can choose this or this or this or this. To me either is the foundation for the concept of choice, and it is one of my personal philosophies that there is always a choice. There are never absolutes. Well, except for that one. There are always choices that can be made. Oh and I guess “always” implies an absolute as well. I am soooo not good at this. Some of the choices that are possible for any given event may not be very realistic or good for anyone involved or even not involved, but they exist.

Whenever someone tells me that they didn’t have a choice, I know that they did. They may have removed choices from being possible due to whatever, but they had a choice and they chose to do whatever action they did. This is not to say that when bad things happen to people it is necessarily their own damn fault because they chose to do whatever. It is to say that certain choices did allow for events to occur how the do/did.

I am a firm believer that nothing is truly inevitable. Choice and one’s navigation through life help drive how events unfold. When someone says something was inevitable, they are disregarding choices leading up to that “inevitability.” Either some will happen or it won’t, but if it happens or not I have helped create that eventuality by my own choices.

To recap:
I am not sure that either was a wise choice
Oh well
Some of these letters are just plain difficult
Not sure what is for dinner tonight
I might let Little Man choose
Cleaned up my desk at work
It is amazing how much better my workspace seems when it is clean
Well, tidy. It isn’t really clean
The surfaces need some scrubbing, but at least most of the clutter is gone
My shoulder is getting better, but it is still hurting somewhat
I need to sleep more
Have a great weekend everyone