I: 9 of 26

Here we are week 20 of my 26 part series: The Ever So Random Alphabet of SRH. Who would have thought we would be here at this time 18 weeks ago? Who? …Really? Well, I was pretty sure we would be here. I didn’t know what letter we would be on, but I was fairly sure it would take 26 weeks. I was pretty confident that I would make it to 26. Were you guys thinking I wouldn’t make it? I mean, really, where did that question come from?

Anyway… aside from you doubters and nay-sayers, here we are at week 20. A full 10/13ths into the Randomness and I am just now getting to the 9th letter of the English alphabet, I. Some of you are going to look at this and say, “J and now I? How is that random?" Sometimes when things are truly randomized some adjacency occurs, in fact if it didn’t, I would question how random the randomness is. Anyway… enough of this claptrap, on to the meat of the matter.

I: Big I, Little i, I, i, i, Ichabod is itchy. So am I.

This letter was one of those that I had to search for. I thought about the word “industrious,” but knew that it did not refer to me. I thought of “integrity,” and then remembered that not only am I not integral to much, I am also loosing my physical integrity due to my bad knee, my worse knee, my aching hip, the shoulder that is on fire, and my craptastic ankles. Yeah, my degree of physical integrity is lacking even more than my social levels of integrity. The next word that came to mind was “interloper,” but I am not really one of those either. “Intelligent,” “Interesting,” “Ignominious,” “Integer,” “Illusionist,” “Irascible,” “Irresponsible,” “Irregardless,” wait that word isn’t even a word, “Ingenious,” “Iterative,” etc… Nothing seemed to fit for me that did not seem either pompous beyond my typical pomposity or just inappropriate. Then I thought, “Hey, wait a second, would I think “inappropriate” is the correct word? I mean I am sometimes inappropriate, but would I consider it a definitive characteristic?” The answer was a definite, “Nope.” Then I thought “Why, oh why were there no lunch meetings today with extra food I could scavenge?” But that was irrelevant… “irrelevant?” Nah… “Irreverent?” Yeaaaah, there we go. When I think of “I,” I think of Irreverant.

Took me long enough to come up with it. I have found that over my 33 years I have become more and more jaded and this jadedosity has led me increasingly down the path of irreverence. I think this does hearken back to the idea of “Funny over Nice” mentioned last week. Very little do I think is actually taboo for bringing the funny. That is where my irreverence comes in. I do not venerate or worship very much and therefore almost all topics are subject to satirical levity, and satirical levity is some good stuff. Sometimes my levity offends, sometimes it comes at the expense of others, but most if the time that satirical levity brought about by my overwhelming sense of irreverence is directed at myself.

So, when you think of the letter “I” and you think of little old me, SRH, I hope that the word that comes to mind is “Irreverent,” and not “Idiot” (although I will accept “Not Idiot” as a thought coming to your mind when you think of SRH).

To recap
Pg 398 in HP VII
Wifey and I are reading it aloud to each other
Now, ain’t that sickeningly sweet?
It should also explain why we aren’t done yet
This one does not read as well as some of the others in the series
HP V really read well aloud, even though it was the longest
Little Man has had a great birthday week
He has a complete new list of favorite toys now
Mimma got him one of those kid’s digital cameras
That kid cannot frame a shot to save his life
Heads cut off, subjects out of focus, fingers over apetures, etc...
“He’s only 4”, you say
A fact is a fact is a fact, bad framing
He is capable of getting some rather candid candid-shots though
I think I might have to set up a picture blog of all his pics that the fam is willing to share
Have a great weekend everyone