Orapred 2K7

Orapred’s effect on the 2 year old Little Man of, well 2 years and less ago is vastly different than the effects on his 4 year old self.

That’s right this weekend was an Orapred weekend par excellence. Thursday’s sniffles rapidly devolved into a full on asthma flare-up, such that on Friday he was “On the ‘Pred.” There are some pros and there are some cons associated with this more mature response to Orapred.

Pro: Little Man is old enough to understand that even though he does not like the flavor of Orapred, he still has to take it to get himself feeling better. In fact, all weekend long he took this horridly flavored medicine like a champ. We just made sure that there was some water or juice handy after swallowed the foul tasting goop. This is in direct parallel to the 2 year old who faught us tooth and nail to not take the “Yucky.” We had to hold that little boy down and force the yellow ichor down his throat.

Con: Now that Little Man is a bit more verbal, the Orapred makes him quite the chatty chatterbox. I don’t think he knows just how close he was to getting himself killed on Saturday night just before dinner time. 2 years ago, he would just be maniacally running around the house only in his socks and giggling like someone was tickling a banshee. Both of those behaviors are tiresome, but one we could at least look on with bemused detachment.

The 4 year old version of Little Man also understands that he has to be tethered to the nebulizer for as long as the medicine takes to come out. It is nice only having to answer his “Is it over yet” questions instead of bodily restraining him for the last 5 minutes of the breathing treatment. It is a wonder that he even likes us

I mentioned the talking, right? That kid will not shut up from the hours of around 5 to 7 PM. 2 straight hours of 4 year old babble. I know he is whacked out of his mind, but, by Beckham’s Fashion Sense, he needs to shut up before his parents throttle him something fierce.

So to make a long story short, he really is dealing with the process of an asthma flare-up much better, but he deals with it by jabbering away like a blibbering fool. Both Wifey and I are quite tired from all the late night early morning breathing treatments, but he is breathing better so it is all worth it.

To recap:
Little Man’s photoblog is in the works
We might make a photoblog using Blogger with an associated Flickr site
We might just use Blogger
Who knows we are crazy people
Crazy people with nothing to lose
HP VII is done
My template is going to get some work done this week, even though I am not sure what my final look is going to be
How about a poll in comments
All in favor of me changing the name of this here blog from “Under Construction” to something else say “F Yeah, It is time you changed this M-F’er up!”
All opposed say, “F No! It wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t M-F-ing ‘Under Construction!”
Tomorrow’s 20 Questions Tuesday topic will be about “The Future”
Oooooooh scary.