J: 10 of 26

We are closing in on the culmination of the Random Alphabet of SRH. Today is the 19th installment of the 26 part series. So, I guess you are all learning waaay more about me then you ever wanted to. That’s okay, I am learning boatloads about myself as well. Today’s letter is the 10th letter in the English alphabet, the letter J. Without further ado.

J: Big J, Little j. What begins with J? Jerry Jordan’s Jelly Jar and Jam begin that way.

J was one of the 8 or so letters that I did not have an immediate word come to mind. Other’s in this series of letters were D, E, R, and U. So far for the letters I have left, I have words for all of them except Z. Time will remedy this. Oh yes, time will remedy this indeed.

After much soul searching and looking through lists of words that start with J, I have arrived at the word that J starts. First I was going to do something absolutely esoteric and find some reference obscura from Norse or Celtic mythology that started with J. You know something like Heimdall’s sword name or some silly crap like that. Sadly, there is not much in the Celtic or Norse mythoses (how do you make the plural of the word Mythos? Is it with an apostrophe?) that start with the letter J. There is boat loads of stuff from Nordic traditions where the second letter is J, but only things associated with monsters like Jörmungandr (almost chosen merely for the umlauts over the ‘o’) and the evil frost giants popped up. In the Celtic Mythos, there isn’t even a section for the letter J. Kind of pitiful, really.

So I had to search deeper. I had to look in the nooks and crannies in my skull to find the right word. The word that finally jumped out at me was jocular. Not jockular, for that would be something inherently not me.

joc'·u·lar [jok’-yuh-ler] –adjective: given to, characterized by, intended for, or suited to joking or jesting; waggish; facetious: jocular remarks about opera stars.

I like the funny. I really do. One of my personal mantras is “Always funny over nice.” It sounds better in Latin (any and all Latin translations would be appreciated. I am certain that my declension is off on these), Semper Jocasa abeo Bellum. I just need to put that on a coat of arms. Well, put it on a coat of arms after it has been correctly translated.

I know there are people out there who think this is not necessarily the truth (and I have let this mantra slip behind before) but I really do subscribe to this belief. There is just some stuff in this world that is funny. I love to make people laugh, and I have found that the deepest belliest of laughter comes from the unfortunate situations of others. Okay, maybe not the actual situation, those can be poignant and tragic, but commentary upon those dismal situations can be some of the funniest crap ever heard.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I bite my tongue. There are times I make sure that everything is okay with someone, but the thoughts are there. And let me tell you, if the thought is there, there is a high probability that someone else will hear that thought in the form of words coming out of my mouth.

Everyday is pirate day for one-eyed Suzy.

To recap:
Omnipotent? Nah. Omniscient? Nah. Omnipresent? Nah
Omnijocular? Oh HELL yeah. If I could I most definitely would
Had a delightful lunch with wifey today – even though she was crabby
Not working tomorrow
Have a great Friday, suckers!
Crabby wifey is funny
But only to me – woah, be to those who get in her way
Little Man turns 4 next week
I will be a sobbing mess
Wifey will probably just be cranky
Have a great weekend everyone