Captain Little Man

So on Saturday Little Man did something that he has never done before. Little Man is all about the ritual. He thrives on the ritual. The ritual is his water, he can not live without it. Here is a breakdown of the ritual. Bath, dry-off, get pajamas on, medicines, 2 books, brush teeth, goodnight hugs, goodnight kisses, Papa lays down and tells 2 stories, papa lays down for 3 minutes, drink of water, band-aid, lip-balm, and the ritual is capped off with turning on music for him to sleep to.

It is a pretty involved ritual and it is only broken by the occasional movie night or soccer game night. On rare occasions it is broken down by either late evening family shenanigans or being away from the house. It is, however, pretty much the standard nightly ritual. Now, pay attention to this nightly ritual detail, because it is absolutely unnecessary for the story.
Little Man gets in the bath, and promptly stands on one leg with his other leg at a right angle from his hip. He grins at me and says, “Hey, Papa! LOOK!” When I look, he starts peeing. That’s right, he assumes a Captain Morgan pose and then pees. I made up a graphic to illustrate. It can be found here.

To Recap:
It was an uneventful weekend
As denoted by the above story
Wifey and I got to actually go and watch a 1st run movie!
We saw Stardust
You know it is a good movie when Robert DeNiro is the weak link
I have to go to the gym tonight
And Wednesday night
And Friday night
And the following Monday
If I don’t get this to be a routine
I will never actually get any healthier
Tomorrow’s 20 questions will be all about the present