About 2 years ago I decided that in order to save myself from the potential of getting “Dooced” I would not write anything significant associated with my workplace or work other than generalities such as “it has been a busy week” or “deadlines are hard” or “I would rather be napping than mapping.” The same can be said for real events that take place in my private life that, for all intents and purposes, should remain private. You guys are not going to hear about intimate details of my life, because, well, those are private.

By eliminating these two vast sources of, well, to be honest, incredibly funny story fodder, it sometimes hamstrings my ability to come up with a meaningful and hopefully witty post. Really some funny stuff happens all the time in my life that would be perfect blog fodder, but it is topica non grata for the blogarooney and therefore taboo to talk about.

It is a real shame that some of these vignettes shall not be translated into blog form, because some of it is really good stuff. The problem comes in when private life stuff and/or work life stuff is what dominates SRH’s noggin. It is hard to come up with topics outside of the things filling my subconscious and waking thoughts. These non-topics are the equivalent of the proverbial elephants in the “living room” that I am trying dearly not to talk about.

So, please dear reader, please understand that sometimes when I “don’t have a topic,” I really have a killer topic that I am either un-willing or un-able to share. So, say one day you see yet another post about “nothing.” You can almost bet that someone at my work has done something dunderheadedly, or that some reasonably embarrassing event has taken place in my personal life that you just are not going to hear about. In those work related instances, think of some silly crap that has happened on The Office (or the original BBC version). On the times when it is from my personal life, you could most like feel free to point and laugh in my general direction without being too far off the mark.

To Recap:
“Not much is going on right now”
No really
Why won’t you believe me any more
I don’t understand why zombies are always looking for brains
Wouldn’t any part of the body really do?
I understand wholeheartedly why zombies would be on the search for Brian’s though
I mean what undead being wouldn’t want a bit of a Brian?
Not sure what dinner will be tonight
Prolly leftovers
That’s right, I wrote “prolly.”
Allergies are kicking my butt today
Of the two taboo topics for this blog, the piece that is swirling about in my brain right now is the former, rather than the latter
I couldn’t believe that the muggles set off the Mage Bomb in Diagon Alley on page 723 of the HPVII
I was not expecting that
Voldemort and Harry taken down by muggle technology, how sad
Oh wait, I didn’t spoil it for anyone, did I?