20 Questions Tuesday: 53 - the Future I

Okay today’s topic must have struck a nerve with the questioneers from whom I request questions. I have gotten close to 70 questions for today’s post. Therefore I have decided in my infinite wisdom to spread this topic over 2 weeks and whittle the number of questions down to 40. So there will be close to 30 questions on the cutting room floor. Deal with it people. No one wants 4 weeks of a single topic. Especially me.

Thanks this week go to: Bomber, WV Slim, Lord Pithy, ACW, Lsig, Belsum, and TheMikeStand. On to the questions!

1. What will Little Man be when he grows up?

2. Where will you and Wifey choose to live in your retirement years?
Not sure, they seem so very far away, unless we win the lottery that we are not playing

3. Will I ever lose these damn last 9 pounds?? I need to fit into my skinny pants! (name withheld, please!)
Not the last 9 pounds, for then you would weigh nothing and not exist. Maybe you should aim at loosing the first 9 pounds.

4. Will we all eventually all be one color?
If “decayed” is a color, then eventually, yes.

5. How is the world going to end? Do you believe THE END IS NEAR?
In a scorching calamity as Sol, our closest star and nurturer of life goes super nova eventually enveloping the Earth into its fiery embrace. If you consider billions of years "near" then yes.

6. 20 years from now when the world's oil supplies have finally dwindled to nothing; if kittens are found to be a viable, renewable fuel source, would PETA protest, and would anyone care?
It is a resource that is not very reliable in it’s renewability, so I think we would have to find an alternative. Sadly the alternative would most likely be minks or baby seals and we will be fresh out of those by 2020.

7. What do you see as the biggest obstacle to a self-sufficient Mars base (for humans)? Solve it
Gamma radiation during the interstellar transit would be the biggest issue. Everyone would be rendered impotent as they traveled from the Earth to Mars. Without an ability to pro-create the Earthlings on Mars would go the way of the Shakers. They would make great furniture and die out since they will not procreate.

8. How long after the approval of gay marriages do we have to wait before the concept of group marriages are provided for in the US legal system?
Hmmmm… 25 years, to the date. It will be like an anniversary law.

9. Are we headed towards a future race of large thumbs, bald, pale, overweight techno geeks?
Heading towards?

10. Will supersonic travel become affordable to the point of changing our commuting patterns?
Fuel costs will still make it cost prohibitive compared to telecommuting.

11. Will the aluminum can evolve into a curved profile or just stay straight?
I do think there will eventually be some form of “ergo-can”

12. Will anything from Back to the Future 2 become reality… self-adjusting shoes, precise weather prediction, flying cars, Mr Fusion etc?
Precise weather prediction and the hover board.

13. How will people remember the first decade of the 21st century?

14. Which version of the future of mankind seems more likely, "Star Trek" or "Soylent Green"?
Soylent Green, people are really a bunch of jerks.

15. If in the future we all have sassy robot maids and talking dogs like The Jetsons, do you really want to live that long?
Yeah, I am pretty sure I wouldn’t like talking dogs or sassy robot mades, however, useless discs fitted to my clothing could potentially offset the annoying anthropomorphistic canines and belligerent robots.

16. What are you having for dinner tonight?
Stuffed Mushrooms

17. Really, seriously, where are the flying cars? And the household robots? And the circular space stations? And the Dick Tracy watches? OK, we’re getting close to the Dick Tracy watches with cell phones. Will the modern cell phone/camera/television/internet portal/calculator ever become strapped to our wrists? Or will it turn into a tri-corder instead?
The future of the 50’s is most likely not in the cards. While some of that stuff would be nice, I really don’t see it happening soon.

The flying cars will be limited by the driving abilities of the general populace. If not heavily regulated they will not happen.

Household robots in the humanoid state probably will not happen, but automated processing in the home might.

Circular space stations? Too cost prohibitive

Dick Tracy watches? More likely tri-corders, a la the iPhone.

18. If you could see into the future, but had to choose between knowing what will happen a year from now, or ten minutes from now, which would you choose?
10 minutes, I would forget within a year’s time. I might be able to hold onto 10 minutes.

19. What are the chances that Apple and Microsoft will one day merge?
They are already starting to. All recent Apple OS’s can run most Windows softwares, and the most recent iMacs have Intel chipsets and non-Apple motherboards.

20. What is the future of blogging? Will blogs replace mainstream news media, or will it fall into ridiculed oblivion like so many other self-publishing avenues?
I think this medium will stay for a while, but evolve into vlogging and whatever the next step is. People will be appalled by the old schoolers still typing out posts.

To recap:
The future is interesting to most
I need sleep
Little Man’s picture blog is up and running
Almost typed “ruining”
I think both are appropriate
I need to take some dirty dishes home
I think one container is fuzzy
And not in that good, fuzzy logic kind of fuzzy either
Parents just got back from an Alaskan cruise
Dad was all excited because he saw an iceberg calving
He is a big old dork too
They didn’t seen any yetis – that I know of
My mom is, understandably, pretty low key about yeti sightings
She’s on the down low, so to speak