Digital Thursday

It is official. Thursday’s from now until I get tired of it (and I mean really really tired of it) will be Digital Thursdays!

Here it comes

Number 1:
Updated Dr Doom stuff. I reworked some stuff on this one. I think the piece is stronger for it as well.
(embigginable with click)

Number 2:
Prince Namor (Pencil and some colored pencils) this one turned out a bit too muddied without any real style to it

Number 3:
So I digitally reworked it. I think it works better I still need to clean some of it up though.

(Embiggin this piece
One click will do it for you
More Namor Goodness)

Number 4:
This is a sharpie drawing of Namor swimming. I stripped him down from the gladiatorial idea I had in the previous pieces. It is an odd pose and I think I almost pulled it off. If I had stylized the drawing more, this could have worked, or if I had tweaked the pose a bit it could have been stronger.(Click for embigginage)

Number 5:
Electric Utilities in the Northwest Ohio US 30 Corridor

(When clicked, will embiggen)

Comments and critiques are quite welcome.
Did this work for folk?

To recap:
Steak for dinner
I am hungry, but I am waiting for the steaking
Mmmm steaking
Allrileyedup: Theoretical Thursdays are all you
One more evening until parental unit touchdown
Geeking it out tomorrow
Don’t ask
It does involve multi-sided dice
And character sheets
And general geekiness
Have a great weekend everyone